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One Dilemma (One Direction Fan Fiction)


A/N: This is my frist story and I hope you like it! The first few chapters will be boring, but trust me it'll get SO much more exciting! I'll be uploading more chapters as soon as possible! Please comment and let me know what you think.

* start playing the song when Niall is listening to his iPod, it'll give the full effect :)

Chloe's POV

"Oh my God! We have floor seats!" I scream to my best friend Ashley.

"I know! we'll be able to see the sweat run down their faces!" Ashley screams back.

We have always been huge fans of One Direction and they're finally coming to America, so we definitely didn't miss the chance to see them live.

Plus, my 18th birthday was tomorrow, so this counted as an early gift.

"Harry, Harry, I want your gravy!" Ashley screams out of no where. I laugh at how obsessed she is with Harry, but I couldn't blame her, I felt the same about Niall.

"No, no, no. I want Niall's pot of gold!" She gazes at me with a look of disgust.

"The concert's in 3 days! We have to get ready, Chloe!" Ashley drags me towards the door.

"To the mall!"

Niall's POV

"We have to leave at some time boys!" Louis says into the microphone and is soon accompanied with roars of screams.

We all run off the stage still hyped with energy the crowed gave us. I ran to my dressing room and quickly got changed.

"Let's go Niall, the bus is ready!" Zayn says from outside my door. I run out to the coach bus we rented and sit down beside Zayn. Harry's sitting next to Lou, who's talking on the phone.

"Ughhh!" Louis moans as he hangs up the phone.

"Vas happenin' Lou?" Zayn asks right away.

"It's Eleanor again, every time I say 'bye, love you' she just hangs up without saying it." Louis explains. Personally I think he's better off without her.

We all notice how whenever she's with him she only wants to go out in public, Louis deserves someone who loves him for him. "Don't worry boo-bear, I'm here for you!" Harry says with a cheeky grin.

"Got everything boys?" The bus driver says.

"Yep!" we all say in unison as we start to drive away.

"So where are we going next, lads?" I ask curiously.

"Pittsburgh!" Liam says excited. He loves traveling the world. "You lookin' for love?" Liam asks looking at me.

"Who knows, I'm ready to see what Pittsburgh has to offer." I wanted a girlfriend but I'm willing to wait however long I have to, to find the one.

"How are you and Perrie?" I turn to ask Zayn.

"Not good, I keep hearing things about her breaking up with me soon."

"Well you can never believe rumors." I say trying to reassure him.

I put in my earphones and check my Twitter. 'Great crowd tonight! Pittsburgh, you ready!?' I listen to Stereo Hearts on my iPod as I slowly fall asleep.

"Let's go, we're at the apartment!" Liam says shaking me awake.

"I call sleeping with Louis!" Harry calls. No surprise there.

"Niall's with me!" Zayn says. I shoot him a smile as we enter the apartment. Liam, being the 'Daddy' get's his own room. The apartment is actually quite huge.

It has 2 floors, a nice size living room, and kitchen. Decent amount of rooms and bathrooms. The first floor is where we're all staying. Paul and the other management are staying in a different apartment.

The second floor has only 2 rooms. One room has a bed, and the other room is empty. Probably for storage or something. I then go to my room, unpacked, and crashed on the bed.

Chloe's POV

"Holy shit! I'm soooooo tired!" Ashley says as she plops down on my couch.

"Shopping is hard work!" I say joining her.

"Are your parents home?" Ashley asks almost whispering.

"No, of course not, they never are." My parents work all the time, so I would usually always miss out on parties or other activities mostly because I had no transportation, that all changed when I turned 16.

My parents bought me a green Mustang with white lettering, mostly because they felt guilty for missing so many birthdays.

After I got the car I used to never want to come home, my parents understood and never cared since they were barely home themselves.

"Can I sleepover again? Ya know cause it is your birthday tomorrow!" Ashley asks nudging me with her elbow.

"Of course you can! But first we need to unpack everything we bought!"

We run off to my room. I open the door and pour my bag on the floor, emptying everything in it.

Ashley follows my lead. I got a white tank top with purple polka dots. It was fitted right below my chest which made my chest look bigger.

Also, I bought short shorts and purple velvet and lace high heels. Not to dressy, but still stunning.

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