In The Alpha's Basement

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The rays of sunshine coming through the window woke me up. I didn't really want to wake up, because it meant that I'd have to face reality. And my reality... it was worse then anyone else's.

3 years.

I've been locked in the basement for 3 straight years.

Food? Yes, I got it, but not enough for a growing teenager. All I got in one day were 2 meals that consisted of minimal bread and some water.

Shelter? I'm locked in a cage or chained to the walls in a dark basement. Which, let me tell you, is not comfortable.

Who did this to me? An Alpha.

You know when you're growing up in the pack house you tend to notice that Alpha's are well... nice. They care for their pack members and would do anything to help and support their pack.

But the one who captured me isn't like that at all.

You know what? I refuse to call him an Alpha. A true Alpha wouldn't kidnap an innocent girl. An Alpha wouldn't torture and damage a girl's body.

But the most shocking thing is, he's my mate.

Hi guys. This is just a preview of the story, not really a chapter. 

As you can see, my username is ScarletFrost. And on the cover it says redrosecrystals. That was my previous username.