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Save Your Heart

Chapter 1

~One Chance of Meeting~

I only have a Twitter to feel like I’m still a part of the universe. Living in a small town can make you feel like an outcast, even if that town is a part of California. Twitter helps me leave tiny Bluewater, California. So I follow my family and friends in other states plus celebrities, who have the privilege of seeing the world. Like One Direction. I’m a fan, yes. But I don’t usually find things on there too interesting or worth worrying about.

Until today.

The summer day started off normal. I was woken up by the piddle-paddle of rain on my window. Otherwise the house was silent. Being seventeen, my mom and stepdad didn’t need to stay around. So, I threw on a One Direction sweatshirt my best friend got me and brushed my teeth. I headed up the winding staircase from the basement where my room was and slid in to the kitchen on my socks. I grabbed a box of chocolaty cereal and raced back down the stairs successfully.

I slid right off the hardwood floor and landed on my heather gray bedspread. I fiddled with my drum-charm necklace while deciding what to do. It was only nine o’clock so there was no need to get ready yet. I ended up with my MacBook. I logged on to Twitter, not knowing what else to do. Right at the top was a tweet from Liam Payne of One Direction.

Liam Payne @Real_Liam_Payne 3h

Danielle and I will always be friends. It just didn’t work out

What the hell? I thought. Give it a second. Then it sunk in. Liam Payne and Danielle Peazer were no longer a couple. I was in complete and utter shock. Being a fan of 1D, I always liked their girlfriends and wanted the best for the couples. Even though I had a crush on Liam. I thought him and Danielle were great for each other. Even though I wanted Liam. I liked Liam. He was single now. I could have a chance…

I shook the thought from my head. I was going to get ready now, I needed to do something. I picked out one of my favorite tops, a purple and ivory flowing blouse and gray jeggings since it was a cold and dreary day.

After changing, I walked out the hall to my emerald green and beige colored bathroom. As I cleansed my face and braided my hair to the side, I took in my features. Green-gray eyes, golden blonde hair with light brown highlights, pointed chin. There was no way Liam Payne, an eighteen year old heartthrob, would fall for Austynn Hunt.

I did my basic makeup routine, black eyeliner, tan eye shadow, and a light dusting of rose gold blush. I pouted out my lips, which I have been told are luscious and beautiful, and applied Chap Stick. My feet got shoved in my ivory and black ballet flats. My mind kept thinking things from BUT THEY WERE MEANT TO BE TOGEHTER to Please, let me have a chance with Liam. You’d think I was bipolar.

Where to go, where to go. I debated as I climbed the stairs again. I settled on downtown Bluewater, where I could go to Starbucks and do some shopping without getting too wet. I wrote a note telling my mom, so she wouldn’t freak out when she came home for her lunch break and I signed it: Love You, Austynn. She always liked that.