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If I Fall in Love Again A fanfiction (Ashrald)

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I could've just stood there all day.

"Huy, Ge! Hindi ka pa ba uuwi?"

I started. Sarah was at her door, looking at me worriedly. "Okay ka lang? Parang bigla ka lang na frozen jan."

I grinned. "Okay lang, sige, uwi na ako."

I got into my car, and drove home. The entire way there, I couldn't help but rub my cheek and laugh to myself. It was as if Sarah had given my laughing gas. I couldn't stop giggling. Ito ba ang feeling kapag nakikilig? Grabe naman to...lalaki pa naman ako...

I entered my home. Ken was on the couch, texting someone, and I could hear mom in the kitchen.

"I home!"

Mom came out to greet me. "O, bakit ngayon ka lang Ge, gabi na ah..."

"Sinundo ko po kasi sila Sarah sa Airport."

"Talaga? Hindi ka ba nakita ng mga press?"

"Hindi naman po, nakatago po ako sa kotse nila."

"Oh. Grabe effort mo dun sa babae na yun ah...Dapat magmeet kami ng personal soon."

"Sige, promise po yan."


Days past. We kept in touch through texting, but it wasn't the same as seeing her in person. There was a big buzz about her returning, but she hadn't made an appearance at Asap yet. She went straight to Iloilo for her concert tour with Martin. I wanted to go watch, but my schedule didn't permit, and I was really starting to push my luck. I was a taping for budoy every single day, trying to get the first 30 episodes finished by October.

"Kuya Gerald, What are you thinking about?" Cobbe asked, as he climbed onto my lap.

"Huh? nothing..."

 "Okay...kuya, when can I see Ate sarah?"

"Soon Cobbe" I promised.

"Okay kuya...I have to go now, Direk is calling me."

I smiled as he slipped off my lap and ran towards direk. He was such a cute kid. He reminded me of Ken when we were little kids. Sarah would love him.

"Ge." I looked up and saw ate Nhila walking towards me. "ate Nhils...ano po?"

"Wala lang... Just wanted to reminded you that you have a Globe presscon tomorrow at 2pm. You better not be late."

I nodded. "Okay."

"Also, after the presscon, you ang Sarah have to shoot some short commercials for the company."

"Oh yeah, nang dun din pala si Sarah!"

She shook her head. "Ikaw talaga Ge, parang hindi yata ako makapaniwala na nakalimutan mo ang detail na yun."

I waved her away as I dived for my phone.


Oh Ge..musta?"

Walang Gege, ge lang? :(

Ahahaha sige na nga, Gege..ano?

Wala lang..may Presscon tayo bukas!

Oo nga...ngayon mo lang nalaman? Sinabi ko na kaya sa yo...

Oh...Talaga? Sorry hindi ko nja pansin....

heheheh okay lang yan gege....sge may photoshoot pa ako....see you tomorrow! :)

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Sarah Geronimoas Sasa/baby Girl/Sarah
Gerald Andersonas Gege/Baby Boy/Ge/Gerald

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