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My collection of steamy (boyxboy) oneshots


OK guys here is part to as promised "looks around" even if i didnt get 25 comment BUT i did get 25 votes so i think u guys deserve it lol :P enjoy ;)


part 2


Clay looked at Mr. John whose eyes were filled with so much lust for the boy but yet looked so confused and looked like he needed a push into the "right" direction and Clay was defiantly going to help him with that.


He gripped one of Mr. John's shoulders and brought his ear towards his lips. "Oh god, harder!" Clay moaned deeply as he felt Mr. Johns shoulder shake beneath him. Mr. John closed his eyes and opened them forgetting everything but the breathtaking boy that was offering himself in front him and then massaged the length between his hands and watched the boy writhe underneath his skillful hands.



"Take you fingers out" he ordered Clay and felt the black haired boy do as he said and started moving his hand faster causing clay to rest spread one of his arms and rest it on the desk to make sure not to fall backwards and the other one quickly fisted Mr. john long brown locks in between his fingers trying not to fully surrender to the amount of pleasure Mr. john was giving him and he smiled in victory as he felt the rush of winning spread through out his body.


"Ahhhh!" clay moaned as Mr. John thrust his three fingers all at one time making clay whimper at the pleasurable pain.


"What the hell is this" Mr. John froze as he realized that there was something inside of clay. Clay giggled loving this new confused side he was seeing his teacher since in class while he was teaching, he had looked like he new everything.


"Take it out and find out" clay purred into Mr. Johns ear. Mr. John looked at bit wary at first but then quickly shrugged it off as he searched with his fingers inside then found something that felt like a string and tugged on it.


"Pleas be gentle" clay hissed as felt like his insides were moving. Mr. John only nodded, not being able to utter a word as he was shocked with the various surprises this boy had hid for him, so tugging slowly at the string he watched it slide out until a small ball popped out with his juices coating all of it.


"No mo*ahhhhh!" clay moaned as the fifth and last one popped out and felt Mr. johns hand from his length and brought it around his hip roughly as the last one had come out which had increased the pleasure and had Clay panting for air.  


"Why did you have that toy inside of you?" Mr. John said gripping clays face; an angry look on his face.


"I wanted to make it easy for you and quicker"


"So you did this for me" Mr. John said pointing at himself unbelieving that this boy would do this for him.


"Yes, I would do anything for you" Clay answered chuckling happily and blushed at how Mr. john looked so confused because he had been trying to get Mr. john for years and now he was finally realizing that Cay liked him? Guess Clay needed to do this in the first place. He was so going to hit his head into a pall continuously when he got home.


Suddenly Mr. John's expression changed as he looked at Clay, his eyes piercing. "Get up now and put your hands on the desk and have your backside facing me" He suddenly ordered Clay which caused Clays heart to flutter in excitement at the rough command that came from his very sexy teacher.


"What do you mean?" Clay asked wanting to make sure about what he had asked still not fully believing it.


"I said get up now; put your hands on the desk and have your backside facing me" Mr. John growled as the lust for this boy was filling him so to the boy's shock he grabbed Clays hips and slid him of the desk then turned him around quickly, his sexy backside facing him.


"Put your hands on the desk and lift up your ass higher for me" he growled roughly into the boy's ears and felt him shake between his arms. Clay obeyed his command and waited patiently with a fast beating heart for what Mr. John was going to do next.


"Oh go!" Clay moaned tilting his head as one of Mr. John's hands squeezed his butt cheek tightly while the other grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back roughly his lips connecting heatedly with his teachers. Clay couldn’t help but moan again as he felt the hand that was squeezing his butt cheek slide down his thigh until it reached the middle and started to pull his leg up until it was rested on the desk. Clay closed his eyes and gulped knowing what was going to happen next but couldn’t help but to gasp as he felt Mr. John stretch him and then felt his big dick poking his entrance.

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