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Did I Break Your Heart, Mr. Player?

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**** This chapter is dedicated to Vedika_girl_14 for her awesome comment to me on Chapter 34! You really cheered me up on that day. XD.

Chapter Thirty-Six

"Get a grip of yourself, Alexis!" I whispered to myself as I clutched onto the steering wheel of my mom's car with closed eyes. I don't why but I couldn't bring myself to get out of the damn car and ring Sebastian's door bell already. Maybe it was the fact that there was this voice in my head telling me that my best friend since childhood now officially hates me. God, sometimes I feel like I have a split personality.

          Looking at myself through the rear-view mirror, I knew I looked like death. My hear was not straightened so it waves were frizzy and messy. My grey eyes were bloodshot from drinking too much coffee from driving around the neighbourhood trying to build of the courage to walk onto Sebastian's front porch. As my skin, well, let's just say there was an annoying zit on my forehead that I was trying to conceal with my bangs. And let me telling you something, it wasn't helping at all. Yeah, I should totally be on the cover of Vogue right now.

          "Come on, you can do this," I tried to convince myself. "Just get up there and ring the doorbell."

          Easier said than done.

          I ended up sitting in the car for another ten minutes. I looked at my watch and I knew I had exactly half-an-hour to get Sebastian to his surprise goodbye party.

          Just as I was about to open the door, I nearly screamed when someone came to my side of the door and knocked on the window.  I had a split-second heart attack until I realized it was Sebastian, his ocean blue eyes looking confused. I smiled shyly as I rolled down the window. "Well," I said awkwardly. "Fancy meeting you here."

          Sebastian raised an eyebrow. "It's my house..."


          Sebastian continued to give me this look of confusion for another few seconds before letting out a heavy sigh. "What are you doing, Alexis?" He asked. "I've seen you driving around in your mom's car for the past hour. Do you need something? Because you've been sitting inside there for a long time already." He sounded pissed.

          I gulped. "Just into the car," I answered.


          "Mason and Stacy threw you a goodbye party, that's why," I replied with irritation in my voice. I knew I shouldn't have spilled out the secret just like that but Sebastian probably already knew of the goodbye party anyways. Mason nor Stacy are the types of people to keep their mouths shut.

          "And now you're getting mad at me?" Sebastian shook his head as he let out a cold laugh. "Fine, I'll come. But I need to change."

          "Sure." I didn't even bother looking my best friend in the eye.

          With another heavy sigh, Sebastian walked around my car and ran up the steps to his house. After five minutes or so, he came running back outside wearing simply a white shirt and washed-out jeans. His hair was still a mess like mine, but at least he still looked good. I'll give him that.

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