No Pain, No Gain.

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The pills beneath your bed cry,

You let out a drained sigh.

Life is such a brutal game,

Or maybe it's your choices you have to blame.

You lay the contents of the bottle on the floor.

Soon inside you there will be no war,

You will be no more.

Make sure to lock your door,

We don't want your mother

Or you brother,

Entering before your body is unmoving.

Then you would have to see their looks disapproving.

One pill,

Five pill,

Ten pill,

Twenty pill-


Now grab them and slowly, pop.

Soon they'll invade your insides,

Soon you'll see what it provides.

Some say it doesn't hurt a bit.

But most admit,

It's slow and painful.

They'll tell you to get help, their voices disdainful.

"There is no help in this world of dark!"

You laugh as you remark.

Only death can help you now,

It's the only thing you'll allow.

You start to think,

As death is on the brink.

Maybe you didn't want to die.

Its too late to regret, say goodbye.

Feeling all warm and full of soul,

The pills are starting to take their toll.

You welcome death with a smile so bright,

Now forever stuck in night.

Was the stomach pain worth it?

Yes, you'll honestly admit.

Because you can't gain,

Without a little pain.