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Falling for the Bad Wolf

Dedicated to

Hey everyone :)

Here is chapter 1 of the last in my "Falling" series!

I won't be able to upload another chapter until Tuesday though because I'm going away to another state in Australia because it's my grandparent's 50th anniversary so we're having a bit of a family reuinion :)

I hope you like this one :)

(Penny is 18 years old)

xoxoxo Laura




Chapter One


Penny POV


I woke up to the feeling of someone gently shaking me. That was how I was woken up – someone shaking me as I couldn’t hear an alarm.

If anyone didn’t know already, I’m deaf. Have been since the day I was born, and I honestly don’t care anymore. I used to be really self conscious about it when I was younger, I used to think I was retarded or something, but then my sister, Nicole brought me here when I was seven and I was treated like everybody else. People here, my family, they learnt how to communicate with me through signing and they made an effort to know me.

My eyes cracked open to see my sister’s black one’s staring back at me.

My vision focused and I could see that she was ready to sign something so I made sure I concentrated. What was the time? I looked over at the digital clock on my bedside table and saw that it was six in the morning. What the hell was Nicole doing waking me up at this hour?

“Pen, you’re on babysitting duty for the terrible twins, I’ve got to go to work,” she signed quickly grinned deviously and dashed out of the room before I had a chance to protest.

My sister was a resident at Balmoral Presbyterian Hospital, she was practically guaranteed a job there after med school because she worked there as a candy striper for all those years. Nicole took me there a lot too and I got to colour on old charts and hang around in the children’s ward.

I was always envious of Nicole, not because she could hear, but because she was always the one people noticed. Because I couldn’t communicate with people they just treated me like I didn’t exist, and if Nicole wasn’t around to talk for me then I wouldn’t have a voice at all. Don’t get me wrong, I love my sister to death, but one day, I would like to know what it would be like to speak and to be heard properly.

I threw my covers back and surveyed my rather messy room. I hadn’t changed the decor since I’d moved in so I still had a pale pink paint on the walls, stuffed animals everywhere and a princess canopy but I didn’t care, it made me feel childlike.

I quickly slipped on my white, fluffy robe and bunny slippers and walked into my bathroom and nearly fainted when I saw my reflection.

When people say you get more beautiful when you turn eighteen, don’t believe them, they lied. I had grown out of my awkward teenage years sure but now I was into my gangly pre – adult years. My black hair was shoulder length like it had always been with a slight curl to it, however this morning it was sticking out in all directions. I had slight shadows under my black eyes like usual and my cheeks were all flushed.

I splashed some water on my face, not bothering with any make up and walked out of my bedroom and down the hall to Belle and Matt’s kid’s room. We all know what Belle is like – sarcastic, cynical, egotistical and when you put her with Matt who can match her in all those traits ... yeah, well they had twins, a boy and a girl and aged five years old and they were just as bad as their parents, if not worse! And don’t forget that add in the baby werewolf factor, they were baby werewolves who were slightly faster and stronger than normal kids, so they couldn’t go to a regular school until they knew how to blend in ... which I think everyone was praying for so that there was some peace and quiet around the house, Zac and Tyler were pretty full on.

I opened the door to Zac and Tyler’s room and gasped. It was a pig sty, their toys were strewn all over the floor and the drawers were opened with their contents spilling out and ... ugh, I would not be responsible for cleaning this up. Trust Nicole to give me morning duty ... I would make a mental note to thank her later.

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