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Kidnapped (A Cody Simpson Fan Fic)


Chapter 3

Ariel's POV

Oh my god.

Oh my god.

I'm really doing this.

I was kidnapping Cody Simpson.

I gripped his arm tighter as I quickly turned down my street, thinking of a plan quickly in my head as we continue to dash down the sidewalk before I pulled him into my driveway and without taking my grip from him, I pulled him inside.

"IS IT MY ARIEL OR A ROBBER!?" I heard Aunt Pearl's bloody scream from the living room as I passed the room.

"Ariel with a friend," I quickly scream, not knowing if she heard me or not. I stop, causing Cody to run into me.

"What are you doing?" he asked, trying to catch his breath, as so myself. Then the idea quickly hit me. With a smirk on my face, I dragged him upstairs and into my bedroom, shoving him back as I slammed my door shut, making sure I locked it.

"Thanks," Cody starts, placing his hands on his boney hips as he takes in deep breaths. "but I think I've already lost the paparazzi, so I should be going on my way now-"

"No!" I blurt out, blocking the door.

"No?" He says, his dark blond eyebrows creasing.

I inhale deeply, "I-I um, I mean...I'll be right back." I say, grabbing the door nob from behind me before slamming the door shut. My eyes go wide.

I just kidnapped Cody Simpson.

I just kidnapped Cody Simpson.

Oh bloody hell.

I quickly trot downstairs, going to te basement so I could grab some rope. That will work right? Tie him up?

But I just can't keep him in my room for a whole week....

That's when it hit me.

I can take him--us, to the old abandoned beach house just walking distance from my house. It's still in great condition. I've spent many nights with Dani there. But what about Aunt Pearl?

I open the basement door and trot downstairs to the cellar, grabbing the hanging light and quickly searching for one of my dad's ropes in the dimly lite room.

I quickly found one and with a smirk on my face, I heard Aunt Pearl's squeals from upstairs. I shut the light off and dash upstairs, almost tripping from skipping steps. I soon see Cody coming downstairs, obviously scaring Aunt Pearl.

"YOU BROUGHT A BOY HOME! OOH LA L-" Aunt Pearl starts before I interrupt her with a bitter snap of my words.

"We're friends, Aunt Pearl," I blush red. I don't even know this guy!

"Where's my ice cream?" Aunt Pearl starts. I frown before looking over at the very confused Cody Simpson.

"Um, I'll get it Aunt Pearl," I say, still looking at the celebrity in my house. Hoping that he'd stay put, I dashed back into the kitchen where I through the bag with the ice cream inside, taking the tub out and slipping the change in my pocket.

"Er, here," I say, grabbing a spoon and handing her the whole tub. She licks her red lips before opening the tub and digging a spoon full in.

I almost gag, but before I do, I dash back to find Cody Simpson still on the steps.

I exhale before taking his wrist in my hand again, pulling him into the door frame. "Hey, I'm going with--er--Harry, to a friends house." I explain a little to fast than I should have. Maybe I just didn't want to save time for Cody Simpson to speak. "I'll be back soon"

She grins. "Fine. But it's out little secret," She looks at the celebrity in my hand. "nice to meet you Harry"

"Er--My name's-"

"Harry" I beat him to it. "Let's go Harry." I say rubbishly towards him through gritted teeth, pulling him back out into the garage.

"What's going on!?" He cried. I huff before unraveling the rope and starting to wrap it around him. But he freaks out, struggling to free himself from the stranger trying to wrap him up.

"Stop it!" I bitterly snap. 

"What are you doing!?" He says. But he's been so still for so long, I've already wrapped the tie tighter around his arm, pressing them to him.

"Just shut up and stand still"

"Do you know who I am!?" He says, still trying to free himself. I roll my eyes as I get his upper half completely wrapped faster than he could finish the sentence.

"Of course I do." I say, opening the back door for him to walk through. "You're Justin Beaver! Big fan, big fan"

He makes a weird noise as I shut the door. "No! I'm--wait--Where are you taking me!? Why did you tie me up!? Who are you-"

"Just be quiet until we get there. I'll tell you then"

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Ella yelich-o'connoras Ariel Walkins
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