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Do You Truly Love Me?

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Lucy's P.O.V.

     "Mail for Lucy Wong and Nick Carter!" the speaker blares.

     "I'll get it!" I scream because Nick is in the upper level doing homework.

     As I open the door, I look down to find one golden envelope with a beautiful red seal keeping it closed. I slowly pick it up and close the door. When I open it, a burst of glitter pops out. I pull out a silver card and wonder if it really is real silver.

Dear Lucy Wong:

     Congratulations! You have won six tickets to a private island in the Pacific Ocean. Start packing because you will be going in five days! Please go to your nearest airport and show these ticket. A private plane will bring you to the resort and from there on, have fun for two weeks!

     I look at my calender and realize that in five days, we will be having Christmas vacation for two weeks. That is a weird coincidence. I need a good vacation anyways, so I might as well escape all the drama and cold weather with a private island escape. 

     The phone starts ringing, but I end up ignoring it. A voice message is left and I decide that I should at least listen to it.

     "Sweetie! We have scheduled your marriage with Kyle! It's going to be on Christmas, so please try to stay here and do not cause trouble. We are putting so much work into this! Bye!" mom chirps out of my phone.

     I have to go to that island! Before I can do anything else, the door bell rings. Have my parents already come fore me? When I slowly open it, I see Alyssa and a familiar guy holding her hand. I let out a sigh, but who is he? Then, a light flicks on in my head and I realize he is Seth Clearwater. Jen, Alyssa, and I were best friends with Seth and Alyssa was head over heals for him. I thought his parents shipped him off to boarding school, so why is he here? I remember the day he left so vividly. Alyssa was literally throwing a fit in the airport and so was Seth. It was a sad day.

     "Seth? Is that really you?" I ask.

     "Lucy! Wow, you are so beautiful now! Ten years can really change a person!" Seth jokes while walking in the apartment.

     "How are you here? I thought your parents shipped you off!" I ask, wondering if he escaped the school.

     "I got kicked out because of my bad behavior," Seth explains with air quotes around the last two words.

     Seth bear hugs and I hear Nick growl.

     "Relax, Nick. He is an old friend. Don't you remember Seth?" I ask Nick while he calms down.

     "Oh yeah. Hey," Nick replies while walking back to the upper level.

     "Nice to see you to!" Seth sarcastically says.

     "So why are you living with Nick?" Seth asks with a funny expression.

     "Oh. Do you remember the ceremony we always had for the eighteen year olds to find their mates? Well, the twist this year is that we have to live with our mates in an apartment in this building. Alyssa, where is your mate? He should meet Seth!" I happily chirp until Alyssa's expression turns dark.

     "If he knows what is good for him, he should be in a different apartment building altogether by now," Alyssa growls which surprises me.

     "What happened? The last minute you were talking up a storm about Ricky and now you hate him?" I ask with a dumbfounded expression.

     "The scumbag cheated on her, but don't worry. I'm here for her," Seth explains while hugging her.

     "What?" I ask again.

      "Well, we are second chance mates," Alyssa sighs.

     "That's possible? I've heard of it, but I thought it was a myth," I say remembering all the legends I have heard when I was a little child. 

     "It's definitely possible," Alyssa replies.

     "Wow. Who knew that the one you said you would be mates with is actually your mate," I say.

     "Technically, we aren't mates until I mark Alyssa since she still is mated with the one who shall not be named," Seth corrects me.

     "Oh, well, I also have some news. I won these six tickets to a private island resort during Christmas vacation, and I was wondering if you want to come with me," I explain while showing them the silver card and tickets.

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Im Yoonaas Lucy Wong
Nathan Sykesas Nick Carter
Austin Butleras Butler N
Eddie Redmayneas Kyle Pepelow
Sana Sarfarazas Galina Lana

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