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Chapter 3 –

I spun round as if fire had shot up my arm. I saw them those eyes the irresistible eyes of Max Buchanan the school’s quarterback and bad boy. I stared into those perfectly rounded blue eyes for what seemed like hours but was probably only seconds. “Wow” I breathed while still staring into the shiny rounded blue eyes. “I know cute right!” I heard someone exclaim back which cut me right out of my thoughts. DAMN! I had said that out loud. I dipped my head at the ground and I felt heat rise to my cheeks as a nice strong hand came to my chin and lifted it up so I was looking back at those eyes, that hair, those lips!. I closed my eyes so not to fall into another trance and turned to walk away. Every single person was staring at me scowling meanly and it was then I realised that the music had also stopped and it showed how unpopular I was. Everyone was  staring at me because I spoke to the bad boy just showed unpopular I was and also  because I only had one friend Tara who was  now making her way through the crowd of people and swearing rudely at people who wouldn’t move made me realise maybe it was better that I had never come here.

Tara smiled then left the room to go back to the party. She had got me by the wrist and pulled me out of the room before I could humiliate myself even more. She had brought me to the bedroom upstairs to speak to me where no one could come and disturb. I was about to leave the room when Max walked in I scowled at him when he said “I didn’t mean to embarrass you!” I   looked away. He came over and sat next to me on the bed and said “I’ll sit here forever until you say something to me!” I smiled trying to cover my laugh but he was too quick he shot his hand forward and started to tickle me but I didn’t move. I wasn’t ticklish but something I got to know by having Tara sit next to him in most   lessons   made me know he WAS ticklish. I shot my hand   forward and tickled him and he laughed like a girl. I now had him on the bed   me on top of him and I said “do you surrender?” but before he could answer he leant up and kissed full on   the lips.... 


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