~Princeton Love Story~ (Mindless Behavior)


Princeton POV:I have to find maddie and diamond even tho he threated to kill them Im going to try my best to get all of us out alive. I pray to god that they are ok if one them died I would be devastated and hurt I hope they are ok and if tool puts one hand on my baby are my sister I will be going to jail for murder.We all canceled the show,yes we canceled the show thats how much I care. We all got in the car and looked everywhere the we can to a a banded factory the same factor when the last time diamond was taken.we all got out and ran in the factory I heard two scream come from upstairs we was about to go upstairs but we was captured and tied up in a dark room and when he turned on they it was....tool,Brittany,and Chris.

Tool:well,well,well looks like they really want their friends dead huh

P:where's diamond if you put a hand on my baby I will kill your ass!!

Chris:(diamonds ex boyfriend)hahahahh ohhhhh we so scared

P:u should be I'm not playing

Brittany:(the girl that kidnapped diamond in a couple of chapters back)y'all thought you wasn't going to see us Agin but you thought wrong

Tool:so I guess you guys can't read either becuz I said if you come the girl will be killed so that's what is about to happen (the boys started breathing hard and trying to get a loose but it was no use)chris go get them

(Chris leaves)

Diamonds POV:me and maddie have been up hear for a hour and it super hot in here.Chris busted through the door and grab us we started to scream but he put duck tape on our mouth.he carried us down stairs and sat us in frount of the guys I started to cry even more we are about to get killed right in frount of are boyfriends this make it hard to look in Princeton eye and see tears coming down his eyes I just wanted to be in his arms.

Tool:uhhh uh uh diamond you be getting sexier and sexier every time I see you(licks lips and starts touching on my body)

I sat there scared out of my mine then chris did the same thing to maddie

Tool:but it's to bad you two sexy girls have to die ( pulls out a gun and points to my hand and Chris does the same to maddie)

Prod:I hate looking at this I finally got unloose and so did prince.we ran and started punching them in the face. Tool was already uncounious I was beating up chris when prince is untiying the girl and the rest of them.

Prod:prince take them out to the car I'll finish him up

Prince:you sure you dont need help

Prod:good just go

They started to leave

Maddie:baby I'm noy leaving you hear buy yourself

Prod:maddie I'll be fine just go

Maddie:but-(she couldnt finish her sentence Chris had shot her in her cheat )

Prod:MADDIE!!!!!!!(he grab the gun and shots chris five times)NOO MADDIE PLEASE WAKE UP PLEASE I NEED YOU PLEASEEE (I pulled my phone and called the ambulance then I picked up maddie and ran out side where the other was at)


PROD:Chris shot her(in tears)

Kayla:omg did you call the ambulanc!!

Prod:yes their on their way

The ambulance came and took maddie to the hospital and we got in the car and the driver took us to the hospital and when we got there we all waiting in the the waiting room man I hate waiting the more I wait the more I worry.

---------10 minutes later--------

The doctor finally comes out

Doc:who's here for madison ray Harris

We all stand up

Everybody:we are

Prod:so how is she doc is she ok


So is Madison alive or not find out on the next chapter

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Gail Scott as diamond (me)
Young keke palmeras madison
Pagie Hurd as Mary
Mindless behavioras them self
Omg girls as themselves
Diggyas himself
Jacob Latimoreas himself
Lauren Londonas kayla
miocheas her self

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