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Bella Whitlock


16 years later

Jasper stared down at the beautiful woman beside him. Bella. His beautiful mate. This would be her last human year. He looked forward to enjoying his first senior year with her. She was amazing and he loved her so much that at times it could physically hurt when they were apart.

She opened her big brown eyes and smiled at him, "Jazz do we have to go?"

Jasper laughed, "Darling one more year and then I promise you and me will take a honeymoon."

Bella sighed throwing her hands up, "Fine but you had better make it worth it."

Jasper growled his animal responding to his mate. "Don't tease. We don't have time to play this morning."

Bella nodded a slight frown on her face. Once dressed they said goodbye to Peter and Charlotte then set off for school. Once at Forks high school they headed into the office. A woman behind the desk eyed Jasper not even glancing at Bella. Bella felt her possessive side rise as Jasper smirked. He liked knowing her inner animal responded the same as his did. "My name is Bella Whitlock and this is my husband Jasper Whitlock. We are here for our schedules."

Jasper wanted to jump her right there. She publically claimed him. This was a first, one he liked a hell of a lot.

"Aren't you a little young? Can underage children get married?"

Jasper smirked feeling his wife's rage. "First we are 18 and as such can be married legally in any of the states that we want to be married in. Second I would think with the way you were eye-fucking my husband you were not thinking of him as a child. If you were there are places that they send people like you."

The woman opened her mouth then closed it. "Detention."

Bella smirked, "For what?"

The woman sputtered but didn't want to explain to the principal why the new student was using the term eye-fuck in conversation to her. "Here take these and behave."

Jasper led his mate to the hallway and kissed her. Making their way to English he froze. He knew those scents. Fuck. He was so close. Desperately searching for an escape he realized that they had them covered.

"Long time no see brother."

Jasper wrapped his arms more firmly around Bella. "Edward. I wish I could say I missed you."

Edward laughed, "16 years you ran from us."

Jasper shook his head, "I protected what was mine."

Bella placed her hand on Jasper's chest and he immediately calmed surprising Edward. "Jazz we can not be exposed." He nodded and she turned to Edward. "Now I don't know who the hell you think you are but I do know that if you keep disrespecting him that your death will be the only outcome."

Edward sneered at her trying to reach her mind and failing, "I'm not scared of my brother."

Bella smirked and leaned toward him, "Who said it was Jazz you needed to worry about. You will treat my husband with the respect that he deserves."

Edward laughed, "You married a human?"

Jasper growled but Bella grabbed his hand. "Jazz we have heard it before and we will hear it again. I love you."

Jasper was done with Edward. He was making Bella feel worthless and that was unacceptable. "Lets go home Bells."

Bella smiled, "Does that mean we can play?"

Jasper chuckled. She was insatiable. "Definitely."

She squealed and Edward snarled, "You slept with her."

Jasper knew Bella was going to rip his self-righteous brother a new one. She hated when vampires used their abilities on her mate. She walked her hips swaying provocatively. "Oh no Edward. We don't sleep together. Vamps can't sleep. What we have is hot no-hold-bar sex. The kind that makes your toes curl and your eyes roll back into your head." She turned and was by Jasper again. "Oh and Edward try to read my mind or my mate's again and I will hurt you."

Edward growled, "I don't do it on purpose."

Bella smirked, "But you do. Its only a soft buzz in your head until you focus in on the signal."

He looked shocked. Jasper's only thought was what the fuck. Self-righteous ass was in fact a goddamn liar. Emmett was suddenly before the exit. "Hey Jasper long time no see." 

Jasper nodded. "Hey pretty lady and where did Jasper get you?"

Jasper turned to her and watched her raise her eyebrow at him. Oh this should be good. "Em don't you remember me?" He could practically see Emmett trying desperately to place her. "I'm not memorable. Em you're breaking my heart."

She gave Jasper a look and winked. He sent her some sadness and tears ran down her face. Bella looked at Em. Emmett hugged her to him trying to sooth her. "I am sorry. So sorry."

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