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Coming Out [Niam] (A Sequel to Falling Again)

Dedicated to

A/N; Okay, so this chapter will be taking place over most of the weeks that the boys were in the cabin during falling again since no real drama happened with Niam, so here ya go!!


Oh, and this chapter is dedicated to Katonah101 for being the first to guess that it was ForeverMystic



A few days went by with Harry knowing nothing. At all.


He stayed so close to Anne while he was awake it made me think of a little kid. Louis stayed at the hospital, though I'm not sure how much of his time was actually spent in the room with Harry.


Liam and I just shared sad looks around the boys, and I've fallen alseep in his arms watching movies many nights.


"Li, we can't say anything.. what if Harry never remembers?" I look up at him. My head is on his chest, and he's looking at the TV. He sighs.


"Then we'll have to tell them like that."


"But what about Louis?" I ask, sitting up.


"What? What about Louis?" Liam looks at me, confused.


"Don't tell me your that stupid, Li." I said, but his brow just furrowed. "Alright. Pretend this situation was reversed. I got amnesia, didn't remember you, and Lou and Harry just sat there being a happy gay couple that you knew couldn't happen with us if I never remembered."


"Oh." Liam says. "That's no reason for us to have to hide."


"Yes! It is! Li, we can't do that to Louis! He's already broken as it is!" I shout, standing up.


"Niall, wai-"


"No, Liam, seriously? He's one of our best friends, and we know how much this would hurt him, so why would you even think otherwise?!" I shout. He just sits there, his mouth open.


Angry, I turn on my heel and storm out of the room. I stomp up to my room and slam the door. I don't even know what had pissed me off so much about that... maybe because he didn't act like it would be a big thing if I forgot him?


"Ugh!" I shout, kicking my dresser. "AH!" I grab my foot, jumping up and down. "Ow!"


"Niall?" Liam gasps, running into my room.


"Ow!" I say, still hopping around.


"Niall, what did you do?" Liam sighs, helping me over to the bed to sit down.


"I kicked my dresser because apparently my boyfriend wouldn't really give a damn if I forgot about him and then had to watch Harry and Louis snog in front of him while I forgo-" I start to rant, but am cut off when Liam grabs my face and presses his lips hard on mine.


"Niall," he pulls away to soon for my liking but stays close enough that I can feel his breath on my lips as he locks our eyes. "The only reason I didn't understand, is because I don't want to even try and imagine a world where you've forgotten me." he says, and as he concentrates, I can see tears forming in his eyes.


"Okay, Li, I get it." I say, but his eyes are shut now, and he's breathing deeply.


Shit! I didn't mean to make him cry!


Panicked, I lean forwards and press my lips to his. Automatically, I feel him react, his lips moving hard against mine. I snake my hands around his neck as he leans forwards, pushing me back onto the bed. I knot my fingers into his hair, feeling his grip on my waist as he hovers over me, not breaking the kiss.


I feel his hands running up under my shirt, and moan, feeling him smirk into the kiss. I move my lips from his, trailing down his neck, hearing his breath hitch. I smile into his skin.


* * * *


I wake up the next morning with my head on Liam's bare chest. I smile, hearing his steady breathing, remembering the night before.


"Niall?" I hear him whisper, and I look up at him, smiling. "I love you.

"I love you too." I reach up and press my lips lightly to his, pulling back quickly.

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