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One Day (A Diggy Simmons Imagine)


A short  Diggy Simmons Imagine staring you! Y/N: Your Name. Hope you like it! :) ❤ & stay jetsetting!



Your standing in line this long line of girls waiting to get their CD signed by Diggy. You wished you asked your Khalia to tag along with you, but you forgot.

Your dressed to impress, yet being yourself while wearing a light blue crop top that says ''DANG'' with some blue acid washed skinny jeans, while your rocking your blue and white Supras.

The line is extra long and think ''This is going to take hours,'' to yourself.

You look up to the front of the line to see this girl who's been standing there for like 5 minutes still there.

Y/N: What the hell, she's been standing there for the longest.

Where the hell is security when you want them?


Ugh, this girl has been standing here for like 5 minutes. She keeps begging for pictures.  I'm not one to turn a fan down... it's just.... we've taken like 12 pictures already. How many more does this girl want?

I took about 3 more pictures with her until security finally decided to come and get her.

A few more girls cam up, not as obsessed though. I didn't really pay attention until this girl with a blue crop top, blue acid washed skinny jeans, and blue and white Supras came up.

She was beautiful.

Diggy: Hey. What's your name?

Y/N: Y/N.

Diggy: Pretty name.

Y/N: Thank you. (smiles)

She had a beautiful smile. Showing her deep dimples too.


You were literally dying inside because you can't believe that your acually talking to Diggy Simmons.

You try not to show that your nervous but it's not working.

Y/N: Can I get a picture?

You immediately drop your head because you feel all embarrassed of what you said. Then you see Diggy smirk a little and you turn red as a tomato.

Diggy: Oh I'm sorry, Y/N. I didn't mean to make you feel embarrassed. Sure you can have a picture.

Y/N: (smiles slightly) Thank you.

You and him take one quick picture then you get him to sign your shirt Diggy shirt that your brought that says '' Number #1 Jetsetter ''  he smiles at you then you smile back.

You want the moment to  be longer, but sadly it can't be. You leave with only a picture, a signature, and something else.



Damn she was a beauty, especially up close.

I hope she looks at the shirt closely and see what I left her.

Or did she just throw it somewhere because she was mad I smirked at or something? I wasn't being mean, it was just funny how she got embarrassed.

The other fans came and I signed shirts, hats, pants, arms, etc. My hands and fingers were actually getting tired.

About 2 hours later it was finally over and I was happy. I pulled out my phone and looked through my messages & call history. Nothing unusual, just a text from my friend Roger and missed call from Russell. I sighed.

Maybe she didn't look at the shirt closely.


You come home and lay on your bed thinking about wonderful day.

You decide you want to brag about it so you put on your signed shirt and take a picture. Then you post it on Facebook.

After you take the shirt off you stare at it and read what it say. You read longer to the bottom and see ...

Diggy ❤ Stay Jetsetting, beautiful (555) 555-5555 call me maybe? ;)

You scream to yourself not believing that you have Diggy Simmon's phone number. You debate whether to text him or not.

You decide to go for it


My phone went off blasting 'Faded' by Tyga and I almost broke my neck reaching over the bedside table and the bed to get it. When I looked at saw I had a text from an number I'd never seen before.

[Text Convo]

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