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Ivy’s Pov

“A day, he gave me a day! How the hell am I suppose to do it in a day” I repeated over and over.

“Don’t worry we will help” Louis says jumping and sitting on the sofa

“Thank you!” I fall and sit next to him. “But still, I have know idea how to write a song, and Simon expects a hit in a day! Its not possible!”

I should probably explain what’s going on. After the accident in the elevator we finally got to Simons office. He wasn’t happy that we were late but let it slide because it wasn’t our fault. Anyway, he wanted us to come and see him about my music.

I hadn’t really thought about it since the X Factor.

He was telling me how the boys got there first single out and what they did. This lead to a performance of their first version of ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ and to be honest, I am glad they went with the second version.

Simon gave me the option of having songs written for me or for me to write my own music.

In the end, I was given a day to write a hit song, with the help of the boys, and if it was no good, someone else will write a song for me.

-Flash Back-

“So you have until the end of today” he spoke casually.

“A DAY!” I spat

“Yes a day. There is a recording booth ready for you on the 4th floor” Simon got up and looked out of the window.

“How am I going to write a hit song in a day?”

“The boys will help you, simple, now go!” he ordered.

“Ugh, lets do it” I enthusiastically got up and waled to the door.

Just before we left I heard Simon mutter, “Your going to be trouble, I can already tell”

Being the badass I am I simply replied with an “Ok” before leaving with the boys hot on my heals.

-End Of Flash Back-

So here I am, sat in a recording studio with a pen, paper, a guitar and One Direction.

“Ok so do you have any ideas at all” Liam picked up the note pad and wrote god knows what down.

“Nope!” I popped the ‘P’

“Do you know what type of music you want?”

“Nope” And again with the popping.

“Well it seams we have some work to” Niall took the guitar and began playing.

We sat there for 10 minutes wasting time trying to think of lyrics.

“ARGH!” I grunted before grabbing another guitar and began playing some stuff.

“You play?” Niall asked still holing onto his.