7 minutes in hetalia heven


Italy look up as a hat was stuffed under his nose. " America, what is up.?" the italien asked, looking up at the man holding the hat. "We are playing seven minutes in heaven dude, so you gotta pick." "But germany is not here." (he was getting dirnks for himself and italy) "That's ok, he can go later."

When America said that, Italy felt something twist in his stomach, but he reached into the hat and pulled out something soft. "What did you get?" America asked, "h-hey Italy dude,why are you crying?"

Austria, France, Japan, and Romano came over. Italy grabbed onto Austria's sleeve "Why didn't you tell me?" he sobbed. Austria look confused, "what are you talking about?" he asked. Then he saw what Italy was holding and gasped. "Is that...?" "Why didn't you tell me Holy Rome was here?" Austria looked down at the crying country with sad eyes. "Italy, Holy Rome never came back."

Germany walked back back into the room at this point and saw everyone gathered around Italy. "Vhat is going on?" he asked. Then he saw what Italy was holding. "H-how did you get zat?" He heard some one sneaking away, and turned to see France trying to sneak away. "YOU! Zis is all your fault!" "You should have told him!" France said, sweat dropping. "I was going to! But I just found out!" France sweatdropped again. "Eehhh desole?"

Germany went to punch the stupid frenchman, but he felt someone grab his sleeve. He turned and saw America. "Dude, is that hat yours?" Germany nodded. "Well then you two gotta go in the closet for seven minutes," he said, pushing the german, and the italien (still crying) into a coat closet, "and no cheating!"

As the door was closed, Germany turn. "Italy, I..." "You're Holy Rome?" Germany sighed. " Ja i am. I..." "WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME!" Italy was sobbing again. He was clinging to Germany. "I-they told me you died. They told me you were gone. I didn't belive them, b-b-but you never came back and.."

Germany pulled Itay tighter against him and stroked his hair, trying to get him to stop crying. " I am sorry i didnt tell you, but i only just found out. Tecnicaly, I did die, as Holy Rome, and became Germany. And i had no memories of being Holy Rome. I vas going to tell you, but i just.... didn't know what to say." Zen zat jackass France spoiled it all by stealing zat hat, he thought.

Italy stopped crying and looked up at Germany. "I always knew you would come back" he said, then he leaned forward and kissed Germany.

Germany blushed, then began to kiss him back. They tangled their fingers in each others hair. Germany fingers brushed Italy's curl and Italy moaned and.....

"Dudes yourseven minutes is....whoa go Germany!" said America, opening the closet door.

Germany jumped back but Italy kept clinging to him. He finaly disloded the the Italien and they left the closet, but as soon as Germany sat down on a couch, Italy hopped on his lap.

"Germany?," he said, staring up at him. "Ja?" "Ti amo (i love you in italien). Germany smiledl, "Ich liebe dich, he said, kissing Italy on the top of the head. "ich liebe dich."



Hey so this is my first time writing a boyxboy. For the other chapters just tell me who u want. They can be character x character character x reader boy x boy girl x girl or boy x girl i dont care





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