Two Chances


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"Thank Tyler, I had a lot of fun today." I told him truthfully, watching him step out of the car to come and give me a hug.

He wrapped his arms around my waist. I felt like a puzzle piece, and he was the other missing puzzle piece. It was a wonderful feeling, but to soon he let go.

"Bye Tavia." Before I knew what was happening, his soft lips were on mine, I didn't even have time to re act, since he pulled away quickly.

That kiss was magical.

He got back in his truck, and sped off, I watched him speed off, frozen on my porch.

What just happened?


Going inside my house, I went to my room and though about the kiss over and over again.

Sure, it was just a tiny little peck in reality, but to me, it was huge, even though it lasted like 5 seconds, he was something I have never felt, ever, in my 19 years of living. Not the rush my first roller coaster ride gave me, not my first kiss in grade 7 with the hottest boy in that grade( at the time), not anything.

It was so unreal.

I stood up for my bed, and walked over to my desk in the corned closest to the washroom, I got a piece of paper and pen, and wrote down what had just happened, and today's date.

I couldn't forget about this, I wanted to remember that feeling forever.

When I heard my ring tone 'Domino' by Jessie J, blaring from my phone, I ran over to it, and jumped on my bed.

"Hello?!" I almost screamed in the phone.

"Hey," I heard Dave say," Me and Chris are at our Hotel right now, could we stop by for a little?"

Me and Dave hadn't talked since the fight, I knew he was most likely visiting his cousins or something, by I couldn't help but feel bad, they came to visit ME, not other people.

"Sure!" I responded happily.

Dave paused on the other end. " Okay, we'll be there in 10."

When I hung up the phone, I saw I had a test from Layla, Tom, and Tyler.

Responding to Layla's and Tom's first, I nervously checked what Tyler had said.

Could I come over? i miss you

Quickly responding that I missed him too and he could come over, I went to the kitchen and put some water in a pot, and put it on the stove to boil.

Tyler and Dave would meet.

Then maybe Dave and Eric.

Dave's opinion mattered a lot to me, so many he could help me find the right guy with the key to my heart.

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Niall Horanas Eric Dugty
Mila Kunisas Tavia Towers
Zayn Malikas Tyler Lefrod
Chace Crawfordas Dave Towers
Ashley Tisdaleas AraLinda Anderson
Selena Gomezas kat Greyson
Miley Cyrusas Layla Deruver

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