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The Experiment (title may change)


Location: Science class (Hallway or a teacher's classroom)

People: Malia, Shenis, Amy, Sofia T, Ms. Jackson, Byron

Scene: Malia and Shenis (Desiray and Violette) are in an unsupervised class room (the teacher went out to get something), so they decide to have some fun with science.

Ms. Jackson: All right class, settle down. I'll be gone for a while and I expect you guys to be on your best behavior by the time I get back.
*Squints eyes at Violette and Desiray* (Malia and Shenis)
Desiray: *Glances at Violette and smirks. Then looks back at teacher* Don't worry we won't do anything stupid.

Violette: Yeah. What she said. *Nods head arrogantly*

Ms. Jackson walks out of the room. As soon as she walks out, Violette follows and stays by the door.
Violette: *Checks the hallways for the teacher, then look back at Desiray with a small smile and a thumbs up*
Violette walks back to Desiray and begins discussing a new science video she saw on YouTube.

 Desiray: Okay, tell me again what the hell you were talking about?
*Violette frowns in confusion*
Desiray: You know? The thing with the test tubes and stuff... *Hand motions (holding a tube)*
*Violette face lights up and a smile began spreading across her face.*

 Violette: Yeah! Well, I was on YouTube right? Well, I came across this thing with science lab coats and stuff.
Desiray: Why would you be watching that?

Violette: Shut up, it looked interesting, okay? Now let me go on with my story. *Sighs dramatically* As I was saying. Turns out we can make a legit smoke screen using whatever these things are. *Holds up random test tubes filled with fake chemicals*

Desiray: Oh. Okay, cool. Just tell me what to do.

 *After finishing the experiment*
Violette: Well, it looks...interesting...*Grimaces*

Desiray: Are you sure we did this... thing *Holds up test tube* right...?

Violette: The heck should I know. I mean, probably. We followed the instructions... *looks down at the test tube, observing with a confused face* 

Desiray: What instructions?! You never gave me any stupid instructions!
Violette: This! *Points to temple* Is all we need. *Say cockily*

Desiray: *Look at Violette flatly* Violette, you're a moron.

Violette: Hey! *Place hand on chest* For your information I ha-

The door bursts open and enters Zinnia. Zinnia urgently gestures both Desiray and Violette to her because she needs to talk to them.
Violette: What do you want? *Say flatly*
Zinnia: I need to talk to you guys. *Says urgently/seriously*
Violette: No. Go away.

 Zinnia: Get your butt over here! *Says frustrated*
Desiray: Violette, just go. *Says annoyed*

While Desiray and Violette exit, Marissa (Sofia T) suddenly enters and approaches the table they used to do the experiment. She finds the test tube and grabs it firmly but gently.

Marissa: Hmmm... *Observes the test tube*

Suddenly, Violette enters the room and finds Marissa holding the test tube. Her eyes widen and her jaw drops.

Violette: Marissa! What are you doing?! *Runs to Marissa* Give that back! *Reaches for the test tube*

 Marissa turns around to avoid Violette's hand but then spills the tube all over Marvin.

Marvin: Aw, what the hell?

Marissa: Oh my god! I am so so-

Both Violette and Desiray stare at Marissa and the guy in disbelief. *Arms wide, mouth slightly open* Marvin suddenly starts to twitch uncontrollably.

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