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Vampire Lessons


“Vampires? You want to know about vampires? Are you sure? Once you know something, there is no unknowing it. Sometimes I would give everything I own to forget most of what I know. I’m not just talking about vampires, either. Alas, that is not why you’re here. You want to know about vampires?" Mr. Angelov sat in the high backed chair that he had been in when we were led into the room by Mr. Smith had led us to.

I had called to get the appointment a month ago and it had taken all of ten minutes to explain what i wanted. At first, Mr. Angelov had refused but i left my name and number with Mr. Smith and Mr. Angelov had called me back the next day agreeing to see us.

"First, know that vampires do exist. Although the creatures of mythology largely contradict the popular view of most vampires, they do exist. They exist at all corners of the world and in nearly every culture known to man. Although they exist as superstition and folklore, they persist in appearing in the dark shadows of humanity. Often times, those things we consider mythology, have, in some small way, a foundation of truth to them. One of the purposes of my research was to find the origin of the myths and try to ascertain whether any truth ever existed in them during the long forgotten history of mankind. They have spent many millennia among humans, and keeping their existence secret has always been paramount to their survival.

We only know about them because they can’t be everywhere at once and I have always gotten the truth or I don't stop looking. However, they have worked hard to make each story become myth and fable.

They have their own forms of government. It’s much like our own. Some offices are based on election while others are designated by age, ability, or birth. It’s quite complicated really. Much more so then our own governments.

They are immensely like humans and can, and do, coexist with them. They eat, drink, live, play, love and sleep like humans do. The difference is a gene in their DNA. They are extremely anemic. Now, I do not mean they have an iron deficiency as humans do. It is deeper, much deeper than that.

To truly understand, you would need to be a genetic biologist or some such. I am not and there for cannot explain it meticulously enough. Suffice to say; regardless of the cause, they do drink blood. They have adapted to the disorder in ways that allows them to survive.

Now we all know vampires can’t go out in the sun, right? Wrong. I’ve already told you. They blend in. Wouldn’t you notice a neighbor that always avoided the sun?” he lifted a bushy eyebrow quizzically.

“But more importantly they,” he stressed the word, “do have fangs.” He paused, the old man laughed than continued, “I can see the disbelief in your eyes. I assure you that it is true.”

He paused and waited for our reaction. He was right; we didn’t believe him. We had to write a term paper for English class but we didn’t have to believe it. It had been Amy's idea to write about vampires. I wanted to do a piece about famous women in history; Kyle had wanted to do one on wrestling. We ended up pulling the subject out of a hat. Bad luck that!

“If they have fangs wouldn’t that make it harder to ‘blend’ in,” Kyle asked sarcastically. He was still mad that we weren’t doing wrestling.

Still I had to agree with him on this one. “I would notice if my English teacher had fangs.” I spoke up. The tickle in my throat had been a nuisance for three days. I knew i was getting a sore throat bet i hoped that it wouldn't last long. I forced myself not to clear my throat even though i wanted too.

“Oh, I’m sure you would, if he came to school fangs fully extended.” He looked at each of us in turn, eyeing us intensely. It was unnerving, he looked to be at least 80, and rumors said he was senile, but the eyes that studied us were ominously lucid. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat.

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