The Alpha Seduced Me

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Sorry for the grammar and mistakes.. unedited

"Hey, hand me that box over there," I said to my little brother Tim, who was playing with one of his toy cars instead of helping me move my stuff up stairs. "Tim!" I stained, trying to carry the two boxes I already had. Man these boxes were heavy, who knew I had this much stuff? Yes, I had two boxes already but I wanted to make one trip and that's why I was asking my little brother to hand me the other one.

"But you already have two," he said, not even sparing me a glance. He ran his little toy car into a wall, making it flip over. Just from that little show I knew he was going to be a bad driver.

My family and I had just moved down from Chicago. I've knew that place my whole life, I was sad when we had to move but It wasn't like we had a choice. I was sad that I had to leave my friends. Friend is what I should have said. She was the only person that really understood me since we were just alike. Sadly, I was putting her in danger by being friends with her. So the last month--before we made the move, I stopped talking to her.

When she called my phone, I ignored her calls. When she texted me, I didn't reply. When she stopped by my house I didn't answer the door. The last time I saw her was when I was in the truck on my way here. She looked devastated and it broke my heart but there was nothing I could do about it. I had sadly waved goodbye as I watched a tear rolled down her face. We had been friends for four years and I already missed her dearly.

"Ju- just gave me the darn box!" I huffed as I set the two boxes on my knee while my leg rested on a step. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I had been trying to get these boxes up the stairs for ten minutes now and I wasn't even half way up the stairs yet. What was in these boxes again? It felt like dead bodies.

"But chew are already having a hard time!" Tim said, ramming his car against my shoes, almost making me lose my balance. Tim was only five and the way he talked amused me sometimes, he didn't know how to pronounce certain words.

 "Am not!" I huffed.

 "Are too!" he giggled.

 "Am not!" I said louder.

 "Are too!" Tim said even louder than me.

 "Am not!" I screamed.

 "Are too!" he screamed right back.

"Will you keep it down"! Mom whispered-yelled, appearing out of no where. "Sammy is sleeping." She hissed, eyes landing on me. Why was she just looking at me like I was the only one yelling? Tim was yelling too!

"He started it." I mumbled looking back at Tim who stuck out his tongue. This happened every time Tim and I argued, my mom would always blame me. It was hardly fair! It didn't matter that I was 17 and he was 5, either way he still should take some of the blame. Or at least get yelled at.

"Will you two just be quiet." Mom frowned, giving me a firm look. I mumbled under my breath since she was just looking at me and not Tim as well. After it was quiet for a full minute she sighed and went back in the other room.

"He started it! He started it!" Tim mocked me when mom was gone. I glared at him knowing that he knew exactly what to do to get me in trouble. That little monkey, he better not come to my room crying tonight because he's scared of the dark--I swear that I'm not letting him in.

Yeah I know, I can be very childish and not to mention clumsy. I'm also weird and have a unique sense of fashion. I sometimes snort when I laugh and I also laugh at just about anything for a long period of time. I don't know why but back at my old school people thought I was a nerd. Was it because I only had one friend? Or was it because of the way I dressed? It wasn't like I wore big glasses or anything, hell I wasn't even smart. That didn't matter because everyone thought that I was.