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Say I Love You

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So here's the third chapter. Enjoy :)

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   Chapter 3 -  Would you care for a cup of COFFEE?



I was really sweating it out. With the ball in my hands I silently told myself, “Come on.. Come on”

I took aim and shot.


The ball went through the hoop in one fluid movement.

“YES!” I silently told myself and fist pumped the air.

My teammates cheered, while others cursed. I smiled as my friends patted my back and stuck their tongues out to the losing team. I shielded my eyes from the sun that was growing hotter while it rose higher. As it was summer break my friends and I decided that we would have a game of basketball in the mornings. And so here I was, playing ball with my friends. Little did I know this day was going to get better than I thought.



I was going for my usual early morning jog when I saw her. She was standing by a basketball court, drinking out of her water bottle, the sweat glistening off her skin in an attractive way.

“YES!” I shouted while onlookers watched me like I was a lunatic (ya right, like they have never done that before), and ran to her.

“Hey!” I called out to her and grinned. 

She was so shocked that she spat out the water she was drinking. I tried hard not to laugh at her. Her mouth was hanging open and her eyes were as big as saucers. She quickly realized this and closed her mouth. After a few seconds of staring at me intently, which made me blush, (Yes... Boys blush too) she said, “Hi” in what I thought was a dazzled voice, and then did something which I wouldn't have expected at all.

She pinched me.

“Ouch!” I shouted and rubbed the spot that was slowly turning a lovely beetroot red.

She blushed and replied under her breath, "Shit! Sorry was just checking whether you were really there.”

“Yup it’s me. In the flesh. Like you just found out.” I told her, holding back a laugh, “So um... What are you doing here?” I asked.

She shook her head slightly, her eyes still wide like she couldn't believe it was me and replied, “Um... Just playing basketball with my friends”. Of course, real smart dufus, asking such a stupid question while she was at a basketball court with a basketball at her feet. What did you expect she would be doing? Ballet!?

I nodded and looked towards the court where I recognized a few kids from my school. 

“So what are you doing here?” she asked me. 

“Just out for my morning jog.” I smiled at her while she blushed and smiled at something.

Okay man, this is your chance. Ask her out! I told myself.

“So um... Have you finished here? Do you wanna go out for a drink. I know a great place down the road where they serve the world's best coffee!'

I waited for her answer while she blinked, her chocolate brown eyes confused. She was so cute.



I was stunned. Really stunned, almost like a hunter used a tranquillizer on me and ran off saying, “MuhahahahHA!”

The guy of my dreams just asked me out on a date! Yup, I'm going to take it as a date, drinking coffee isn't ever really innocent. He was waiting for a reply so I just nodded my head, controlling my body from jumping up and down, and hugging him. Wouldn't want to freak him out when he just asked me. 

I turned to look at my BFF who had taken a break from flirting with her boyfriend and was standing nearby. I must have sent her a mental brain wave or something coz she turned and looked at me and then at him. She was as shocked as I was but then gave me a knowing-teasing smile. I motioned to her that I was leaving and she waved back, but not before pointing at me and then at him and finally forming a heart using both her hands.

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Chapter 3- Would you care for a cup of COFFEE?


Vanessa Hudgensas Clea
Andrew Garfieldas Nathaniel
Jensen Acklesas Adrian
Stana Katicas Aria
Kevin Zegersas Alex

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