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Every Teenage Dream

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I awoke the next day to the sound of my phone vibrating next to me. I reached over and saw it was a text from Addie which read:


I replied with a simple “OK” text. I really didn’t feel like going but I’d rather not have to explain the reason why I didn’t want to go.

I checked the time on my phone, 9:30. Great I had two and a half hours until I had to be at the mall. I slowly got out of bed and made my way downstairs to the kitchen where I could smell bacon and eggs. As I entered the kitchen I saw my dad leaning over the stove cooking breakfast in his bathrobe.

“Morning dad.” I said, as he turned around noticing my presence.

“Morning sweetheart. Do you want some breakfast?”

“Sure.” I replied.

A few minutes later my dad had placed a plate with bacon, eggs and toast right in front of me.

“Thanks,” I said after he had placed the plate on the table. “Do you think you could drop me off at the mall today around noon?”

“Do I have to?”

“If I say yes are you going to take me?”

“Fine, I’ll take you but I’m going to have to drop you off at 11:45 because I need to be at your aunt’s house for 12, okay?”

“Yeah, sure. Whatever time works for me.” I said in between bites.  I quickly finished up my breakfast and went upstairs to shower and get ready.

I had a tendency to get ready pretty fast and I didn’t dwell on my appearance when it was just going to be us girls. I put my hair up in a bun and put on a bit on concealer and mascara. My outfit was plain, black leggings with a white tank top and cardigan.

I grabbed my bag and phone and headed downstairs with a few minutes to spare. I noticed my dad already waiting at the door, so I slipped on my Toms and headed out towards the car. As I got in the car, I pulled out my phone to text Addie:


Not even a minute later she replied with:


I didn’t even bother texting her back. I’d be seeing her in a few minutes anyway. We pulled up to the mall and I unbuckled my seat belt.

“Thanks for the lift.” I said to my dad as I closed the car door and started walking toward the entrance of the mall.

I was twenty minutes early, but I decided to just head towards Tasty Juice and take a seat at one of the tables. As soon as I sat down I noticed Sarah and Beth walking towards where I was sitting. Sarah Millney and Beth Lopez we’re apart of our girl crew.

Sarah and Beth are complete opposites. Sarah is all into sports and is on every single sports team at school. While Beth doesn’t even know what a sport is and she’s on every single academic team in school. Even though they’re completely different we still love them the same.

“Stella!” Sarah cried as she approached the table where I was sitting.

“Hi.” I said as I got up to give both of them a hug.

“How have you been? We heard about your little encounter with Zach yesterday. It must be hard for you to see him with Emily.” Beth said sympathetically.

Even though I knew they were only trying to be there for me in my time of need. I really didn’t want to talk about it. Hell, I’d be glad if I never saw Zach ever again. I was totally and completely over him.

“Not really, they’re really cute together and I wish them all the best.”

“What?” they both said in unison.

“You need to fight for him, get him back!” Sarah said.

“Are you kidding me? Zach and I are the least ideal couple, and anyway he has Emily. I’m sure they’re perfectly happy together.”

“Well, that’s not what I heard. I heard a few of Emily’s friends talking about it in English yesterday. Apparently, Emily deleted your number off of Zach’s phone and made him spear he’d never speak to you again.”

“That’s insane!” I yelled, not realizing how loud my voice had actually gone. “But, if that’s what they decided then… good for them. Who am I to stand in their way?”  

“True, I guess we’re just going to see how everything plays out.” Beth said in a dismissing tone.

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