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One Night Stand...With My Teacher



Chapter 10


"You screwed it up" I heard someone hissed.


"Me I had it all set up for you and you let her go" someone replied not too quietly and I knew that voice, Hilary.


"Why were you going to let her leave?"


"I was drunk"


"You are so stupid, that's why he was upstairs getting it in with some other slutt"


"I am not a slut" Hilary defended and I rolled my eyes.


"Want to make out?" the guy asked and my jaw dropped. I knew that voice anywhere, trust me he's asked me enough to make out with him not that it has happened or ever will. I mean gross.


"Sure babe" Hilary replied and I literally wanted to gag and then the voices were gone and I turned to Drake wide eyed. Hilary and...him?!


"Babe what's wrong?" Drake asked.


"That was Hilary an-"


"Mr. Williams?" Someone called and Drake pushed me off his lap and I grabbed onto his desk before I could fall and glared at him. "Sorry" he whispered and I grabbed a stack of the papers on his desk just as the assistant principal walked in.


"Mindy?" She furrowed her eyebrows.


"Hi Mrs. Gozelin" I greeted with a small smile.


"Hi, what are you doing here?"


"Um just helping Mr. Williams with a few papers"


"Your such a sweet girl"


"Thank you" I smiled kindly.


"Where's Maxwell?" She questioned.


"Don't mention him" I mumbled.


"You two fighting?" She asked, we got along real well. I constantly had to defend Max when I talked to her but she loved me since I was a straight A student and all this shit my parents do for the school.


"Yup, nothing new"


"I think there is, I just saw him walking around the halls and when I asked him where he was going he cursed at me of course but he looked really upset"


"Upset?" I asked, I've never seen Max upset.


"Yes, usually the boy is angry"


"He's angry at the world"


"I think he's angry with himself"


"Well he's not problem" I replied trying to ignore the fact I felt bad. 


"Want to talk aout it?" She asked.


"Nope, I just don't want to get involved with him and I'm sorry for him being so rude to you. The boy has no manners"


"Don't I know it" she joked and I laughed.


"Anyways Mr. Williams I wanted to let you know that your class will be having this presentation all week in the library" she informed.


"Really? I have important things I need to go over and missing a whole week cuts into that" he replied.


"Yes really. Its a whole week, each class of yours will have to do at different times. So you better start on re-arranging some things here are the dates" she stated handind him a pice of paper. He sighed and nodded.


"Is that all you needed?" He asked her.


"Yes that's all. Bye you two" she smiled and I waved and she left. Drake groaned and threw the paper on the floor and put his face in his hands.


"Baby what's wrong?" I asked walking over to him.


"Nothing Mindy" he replied looking at him.


"Talk to me Drake" I urged.


"I'm just stressed"


"I know, I'm sorry"


"Its not you babe"


"I know that, its just I wish you could get some time to relax" I replied and went over to both of his doors and locked them and pulled those little blinds down so you couldn't see through the windows in the door.


"What are you doing?"


"Giving us some privacy"


"For what?" He smirked and I climbed on his straddling him. I pecked his lips and began to unbutton his shirt.


"This class is two hours long and you know I missed you" I stated and he groaned. 


"Mindy I will take you right here on this desk"


"Ooh Drake please do" I moaned as his hands gripped my thighs tightly but it didn't hurt.

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