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At first I wanted to delete this enitre page, however, I decided to delete just the content, leaving all comments behind. Because if I delete the whole page, the comments will also be deleted, so I decided to keep it. I want to remember your support and trust.

For some reason, I have to delete the content. First, let bygones be bygones, so I have to start fresh. What's important is the lesson I learned from it.

Second, I think everything is clear and everybody had enough of it.

Third, I'm gonna censor the brand of the medicine to avoid future issues. And I edited some of the words I used which I think some of the readers found it intriguing or questionable. I used common term. I don't wanna create this kind of chapter again for heaven's sake!

Lastly, I wanna take this chance to thank all fo you, for the endless support you have forĀ  me as a writer and for the story itself.

You're always be my inspiration. Thank you so much!

*-* fujeeko

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Dennis Ohas Russell
Yuna Itoas Haley
Kim Jae Joongas Vince
Kwon Boaas Jessica
Han Gaas Micah
Kim Ji Hoonas Hans
Hyo Leeas Vanessa
Ha Ji Woonas Camille
Lee Min Hoas Jason
Daniel henneyas Ralph
Taeyangas Seth
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