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The Day of the Undead Sophomores (Watty Awards 2010 WINNER)


The Day of the Undead Sophomores

By Michael J.P.Whitmer



Act 1: Young Love


"Come on honey! We're going to be late!" His mother shouted up from the bottom of the stair case.

"I'm not going!" A young Cole yelled back, appearing at the top of the stairs.

"Why?" His mom asked, placing her hands on her hips.

"She doesn't like me!"

"That's silly, she likes you! Now get down here!" She pointed to the bottom of the stairs.

Cole took a few reluctant steps. "I wasn't invited! I barely know any of her friends!"

"Her mother invited us... We're going! Now grab your gift, and let's go!" The woman demanded.

"Hey, Amanda..." Cole said meagerly, staring down at the ground, clutching her perfectly wrapped present, which was his mother's doing.

"Hi... Cole." Amanda responded irresolutely, standing awkwardly a few paces away from the boy. She clearly had been forced to come greet him.

"Happy birthday... Here, this is for you." Cole held out the gift.

"Thanks..." Amanda smiled meekly, as she took the present and proceeded to unwrap it. "Um..." She stared clueless down at a pot of dirt.

"There're flower seeds inside... Tulips, I think," he scratched his head and shifted nervously. "It was my Mom's idea... Sorry if it's dumb."

"No," she suddenly said. "It's great." Amanda gleamed. "I'm always helping my mom with her garden... Now I can start my own... Thanks!"

"Yeah--" Cole began with an enthusiastic smile of his own but was abruptly cut off.

"Amanda!" Another little girl yelled for her. The birthday girl glanced behind her at her friend, and then back to Cole. "Amanda, come on! The moon bounce!" She persisted.

"Thanks, Cole." Amanda managed to mutter before slipping the pot onto a table cluttered with countless other presents in all sizes, and running off with her friend toward the moon bounce. Cole furrowed his brow, watching as the girl ran off. "She could have asked me to play," he thought.


"Okay, kids! Time for cake!" Amanda's mother announced, and there was a cheer by the children. Amanda took a seat at the end of a long picnic table where a large birthday cake had been placed with six candles burning for her to make a wish. "Make a wish, sweetheart!" Her mother explained. Just as the girl blew out the candles Cole came out of nowhere dunking her head face first into the cake. The other children exploded with laughter, the parents gasped, and Amanda instantly started to cry...

So began what would be a lifetime of torture.


Act 2: Varsity Blues


10 years later

 "Another individual has turned up missing last night. Loving husband and father of two, Burt Richards, was out last night on an evening jog when he didn't come home. Mr. Richards has been added to a long list of people that have gone missing in the last few months. The Mayor has finally taken action, issuing a mandatory town wide curfew for all ages until these mysterious disappearances are solved."

"We support the Mayor's decision to go forward with the town curfew. We want everyone to know that it's an ongoing investigation, and that we will get to the bottom of this."

"Sheriff Harris refused to answer any questions pertaining to the recent activity at the military base, and whether or not the military is aiding in..."

"Cole! You're going to miss the bus!" Cole's mom yelled from within the kitchen.

Cole pried his attention away from the T.V. to glance from over the sofa and into the kitchen to see where his mom was. Satisfied that she wasn't in view, he went back to watching the News.

"Cole Matthew Browning! Don't pretend you didn't hear me. The BUS! NOW!"

Cole huffed, rolling his eyes as he slipped off the couch. He grabbed his book bag from by the foyer and swung one strap over his shoulder. "You know I wouldn't have to worry about the bus if you bought me a car!" Cole yelled into the kitchen, as he opened the front door to leave.

"If you brought your grades-" his mom had begun to say but was cut off by the door slamming closed.


 On the outskirts of the town, the military base was in complete chaos.

"THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THE TEST SUBJECTS HAVE ESCAPED!" A voice emitted over the facilities intercom.

"I REPEAT, THE TEST SUBJECTS ARE AT LARGE! ALL -- NO! NOOOO! AHHHH! AAAAHHHHHH! GEEET OOFF! AAAHH!" The man's screams and pleas echoed through the military base over the loud speaker.

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The Day of the Undead Sophomores


Josh Hutchersonas Cole Browning
Lyndsy Fonsecaas Amanda Jones
Kellan Lutzas Chris Hopkins
Mary-Louise Parkeras Cole's Mom
R. Lee Ermeyas Coach Reynolds
Jeffrey Jonesas Principle Thomas
Michael Emersonas Mr. Ford

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