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Naruto one-shots/lemons


Character: Tobi

OC: Arai Gunma

It was a boring day in my small village. In the rain, my job was made a whole lot worse. Standing impatiently by the vegetable stand my father owned, I stared at the sky in a mixture of contempt and happiness. Contempt, because I didn't like standing in the middle of a rainy street down a road where not many villagers went. Happiness, because I could daydream all I wanted due to the fact that there were little to no people out during the storm. 

My daydreams consisted of one person. My boyfriend, whom I had not seen in a good week and therefore missed terribly, normally starred in my mind. Today was no different. I rested my head on my hands and sighed, glancing down at my fingers and staring at a small ring that was placed on the fourth digit of my left hand. 

Tobi had given it to me: a promise that one day he'll come for me and we can live together. His words still echoed in my mind. 

"Tobi," I laughed, as his hands slid around my slim waist, "I didn't know you were coming today!" 

The man just grinned, kissing the side of my lips from his place behind me, "It's a surprise. Deidara-sempai and I just got back from a mission and I got two days off." 

His voice was music to my ears. Turning in his arms, I smiled at his un-masked face. The said orange swirl was laying on the table of my room. I thought nothing of it and leaned in to press my lips against his in a sweet kiss, "I missed you." 

He smiled at me, wrapping his arms more securely around me, "I missed you too." 

Pressing his lips against mine again, he suddenly jumped back, making me stare at him in confusion. 

"I almost forgot," he mumbled, reaching into his pocket, "The main reason I came here..." 

Raising an eyebrow, I tilted my head in curiosity. He grinned and grabbed my hand, splaying out my fingers before slowly bringing forward a small golden ring. Eyes wide, I watched as Tobi placed it on me. 

"It's not a proposal," he murmured, looking down at our entwined hands, "But a promise. Because I want to spend the rest of my life with you once I leave the Akatsuki." 

His words brought tears to my eyes. I sniffled and laughed softly, wiping away the unshed tears before he could detect them. But he knew, and he brought me to his chest lovingly as I thought over his words. There was a reason Tobi was in the Akatsuki, and he said he'd tell me one day. When all this was over...we'd finally be together.

"You like it," a voice said, making me jump in slight surprise. Twirling around, I didn't even have the time to see who it was before a pair of soft lips were pushed against mine. 

Immediately I melted into him, my hands searching his broad shoulders as I grabbed a piece of his cloak.  

"Tobi..." I breathed, moving my lips with his as he snaked his arms around my waist. 

He finally pulled back and smiled at me, pressing his forehead to mine as he hid his face from a few passerby. This was a non-ninja village and people didn't know a Leaf ninja from an Akatsuki. Tobi was safe here, and as he stared into my eyes, he seemed as if he knew it as well. 

"You like it," he repeated, taking my hand and bring it to his lips, "You like Tobi's ring." 

I giggled and nodded, "I like Tobi's ring very much." 

I love his childish demure, and the more he used it the more I fell for him. 

"Did the Akatsuki let you out?" I asked, pecking his lips softly as I smiled up at him. 

His eyes turned slightly uneasy, "...Well not really..." 

It began to rain harder, and I gaped at him: what was he doing here if the Akatsuki didn't let him leave?! He could get into trouble- 

Tobi grinned sheepishly and tugged my hand, pulling me into the warmth of the house I called my own. 

"If your father here?" he whispered furtively, glancing around. 

My father liked Tobi well enough, but he knew there was something going on with him...something bad. If he knew that Tobi was a part of such an evil organization as the Akatsuki, he would never let me see him. I tilted my head, "...No. He's at grandmother's house today. That's why I was tending the shop." 

Tobi sighed in what sounded like relief and nodded, "Good." 

He seated himself in a kitchen chair and rested his arms on the counter. Sighing at his peculiar behavior, I walked behind him and rubbed his shoulders gently, "Why are you here, Tobi? I don't want you to get in trouble with the rest of the Akatsuki. Maybe you should-" 

"Please don't," he said suddenly, turning around in the swivel chair to look at me, "I can't leave you. It's been so long since I've seen you..."

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