Lies - Chapter 2: Josephine

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Sometimes when you feel down and helpless, one person can light things up for you.

I can see mom crying so hard in front of auntie's coffin with flowers on both sides. I was only watching from a distance. I wasn't able to comfort her because I used to hate to see dead people in coffins, It gives me the fear that I would someday be in the same position.

After a while dinner is finally ready, i'm really hungry because of the long trip. There are five tables outside for us to eat on, But sadly for me I was asked to sit on the little kids table to keep an eye on my little cousins who are always causing trouble and starting fights with each other. We all started to eat, at first everybody is calm until my cousin Roderick started yelling with his mouth full, accusing cousin Kelly of taking his second cookie. Kelly immediately responded by hitting him in the arm. I tried to stop both of them, but they still tried to hit each other. After a while I got annoyed and shouted, which made them stop.

After dinner all my uncles gathered and started to drink, all my aunties started a prayer at the funeral while me and my cousins played video games inside the house. 

I was getting tired. It was already 1 a.m. and most of my cousins are already asleep, so I decided that I should go to sleep too. I got in bed and got comfortable, I was alone in my bedroom because my roommate, cousin Tod wanted to stay awake until morning.

BOOM! the door opened loudly and Dianne screamed "DANNY DOWNSTAIRS NOW!". Dianne is one of my annoying little cousins, it's her hobby to annoy everyone but she's still the favorite of my uncles, they treat her like a little princess.

I was going downstairs when Tod passed by me, he's probably going to sleep already. When I got to the kitchen Dianne asked me if I had a good night's sleep in a very annoyingly sarcastic voice. I responded to her question by keeping quiet then giving her an evil glare. My other relatives have already eaten breakfast, only me, cousin Ben, Charlie and Dianne are eating. Ben, my 16 year old cousin who always gets in trouble in school, mostly because of mean pranks, seems like his brain is floating away. I snapped my fingers in front of his face and after a while he snaps out of it and we continued to eat. Charlie asked us if we were going to the town's yearly feast. The five day feast is where everybody in town gathered at the town plaza, there are carnivals, shows, and lots of shops and I thought that that would be a good thing to keep myself happy and to distract me from yesterdays terrifying nightmare.

I had nothing to do, I was so bored, I can't go to the funeral because I really don't want to look at auntie Mayver until the burial. It's a good thing that I brought some books that I could read if I had nothing to do.

It was 3 p.m., I was reading a book by the window when Ben asked if I would go to the market with him and uncle Phil, Since I had nothing to do but read I agreed to come with them.

I got on the passenger seat of uncle Phil's pickup truck and Ben got on the back. The town was about five minutes from the house. The country side was so beautiful compared to the dust and smoke of the city, the air was so fresh. Everyone had simple lives. I could see people harvesting, plating and tilling their fields. It was a completely different environment for me.

The wind was blowing through the window and my hair. The fresh wind howling through the car, it all feels so calming, but I felt uneasy and I felt the fear flowing through my veins. I was scared that the nightmare would happen again.

We arrived at the town center, the carnival was already ready, the Ferris wheel was ready, the wooden roller coaster was built, everything was prepared for the feast tomorrow and the next five days. We ran past town hall which was already decorated, ready for the mayors speech.

Uncle Phil parked the pickup in front of the town market. The market was where fresh fish, meat and vegetables can be bought by the towns people at a lower price. The fish here was much cheaper than from a supermarket because Silver springs was a coastal town and everything was so fresh that i could still smell the sea from the fish .