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Ah ha! There he is. Abel walked into the smoky bar, ignoring the curious open stares sent his way. After all, what was an elegant man like him doing in a place filled with drunks and troublemakers?

      Because of him, Abel thought, sliding onto the vacant stool next to the hunched figure of his brother nursing a mug of beer in front of the island table of the bar. The bartender eyed them from behind the counter, noting the resemblance between the two men. Chris ignored them, drinking the mug of beer in his hand slowly. Abel crossed his legs, eyes probing, questioning.

      “Go away,” Chris finally growled.

      “Not on your life, baby brother. Now tell me, what’s got you so down?”

      Chris shot him a sarcastic glare. “Other than the fact that our mother is dying as we speak?”

      Abel waved an elegant hand. “Non-sense. Mother will be fine. If she can raise two rascals like ourselves, then she can do anything. She’ll live. She’s our mother.”

      Like that’s enough to fight a cancerous tumor, Chris thought bitterly. He took a sip of the strong brew in his mug, fighting back the image of his sickly mother. He just didn’t want to see her like that anymore. Not his mama.

      “Admit it,” Abel pressed on while crossing his arms. “There’s something else that drove you to a place like this. Or should I say…someone.”

      “Go away,” Chris snapped, “and leave me the hell alone.”

      “No.” Abel snapped back. “I won’t leave you the hell alone and you know why?” He grabbed the mug clutched in Chris’s hand and slammed it on the table. Some of the liquid spilt onto his hand but he ignored it, fierce blue eyes on Chris. “Because,” he continued without missing a beat. “ We’re brothers and brothers look out for one another and baby brother, you need someone to look after you right now because you’re being a complete idiot”

      Chris remained stubbornly silent.

      “What are you going to do about Cal, Chris?”

      “That’s none of your business, Abel.”

      “It is my business.” Abel grabbed the napkin on the table and wiped his soiled hand. He wrinkled his nose, hating the smell of hard liquor. “Cal is my friend.”

      “That doesn’t give you any rights.”

     “Pfft,” Abel snorted. “Of course it does. I’m Abel.” He said this with confidence, as if being just himself made anything open to him.

      Chris rolled his eyes.

      Abel ignored it. “Chris, I repeat…what are you going to do about Cal?”

      Without warning, Cal’s innocent chocolate brown eyes filled his head. Soft eyes hurt and accusing when he had driven him away. Chris flinched. “I don’t know.”