Love & Heartbreak: A B5 Story


**guy in picture is Eric**

__ Reese POV __

I just left my Chemistry and Literature class this morning, and boy were they boring!! I slept in both of those classes too haha, too much reading! And there were no cute guys either ugh. So far college sucks -__-

I think I'm gonna get me a late lunch. I should call the girls to see if they will come with me...

__ Raven POV __

I had my cooking class this morning. It was really good! The chef introduced us to our kitchen areas and we started baking right away! Today I baked some chocolate fudge brownies with fudge icing on top, and it was delicious!! I wrapped up the other brownies and kept them in my room. Hopefully Reese doesn't see them and take them. Now I'm heading to this math class, I'm not a fan of math but hopefully it'll be interesting this year :)

*walks in class and sits down*

Teacher: Hello and welcome to Advanced Math for juniors and seniors. Open your book to page 4 and follow along as we learn about the wonderful would of matrices.
Class: BOOOO!!!
Teacher: Oh trust me its fun! Now follow along...


Teacher: Your homework is page 7 with the two worksheets I gave you. You have 15mins of class left so feel free to start your homework.
Raven: Wow this isnt too bad, maybe I can survive this year.
Guy: Heey we remember you :p
Raven: [looks up] Oh Carnell & Patrick! Nice to see ya! I didn't even know you were in here :)
Carnell: Yea neither did we.
Patrick: How you doing?
Raven: Good actually, you can sit here if you want.
Patrick: thanks [they sit down] You smell like chocolate?
Carnell: Really Patrick?
Patrick: What she does!
Raven: Haha i actually baked some fudge brownies last class. The smell must have followed me.
Carnell: Oh lol
Patrick: You didn't give us none? [acts mad]
Raven: Sorry lol, maybe next time tho
Patrick: You seen Dustin lately?
Raven: [doing hw] Yea we actually saw each other this weekend at a night club.
Carnell: Yeah he told us he saw you and your friends there.
Raven: He was with some girl tho :/
Patrick: Probably one of his many chicks -_-
Carnell: [hits Patrick] Anyways, Dustin talks alot about you.
Raven: Oh really?
Carnell: Yea i think he might like you.
Raven: Well too bad he doesn't go here.
Patrick: Maybe you and your friends can hang out at our house tonight. We can chill :)
Raven: I dont want us to be a bother to y'all-
Carnell: Nah its fine :)
Raven: Ok well thanks.
*bell rings*
Patrick: Alright well how about 4pm?
Raven: Ok cool.
Patrick: Heres our address, we'll see you guys there.
Raven: Thanks bye guys!
Carnell/Patrick: Bye

They are too nice. Well i better tell my girls to get ready to hang out with B5! I wonder where they are...

__ Nicole POV __

Me, Gia, Reese and Raven met up at the college cafeteria to get a quick bite to eat.

Reese: [loud] My day was HORRIBLE!! Class was boring and i didn't see any cute guys. I NEED A DRINK!
Raven: Girl hush! You too young to drink.
Reese: Well i can still get me a wine-cooler shoot! I deserve it!
Raven: How was your day Gia, you look upset?
Gia: No it was just people bothering me in calculus.
Nicole: Yea home girl was getting the hate. I wanted to tell that girl off but Gia wouldnt let me..
Gia: Yeah its no big deal guys it happens to me all the time-
Raven: That doesn't make it right sis!
Gia: I know but...
Reese: What else happened?
Gia: I met Bryan in my english class today! He sat by me :)
Nicole: [spits out drink]
Reese: Haha! Gia what did he say?
Gia: He was just being polite and saying how we should hang out. He's sweet!
Raven: Aww you're blushing!
Nicole: mhmm
Reese: You jealous Nicole? [smirks]
Nicole: Psshh heck no I gotta man! His name is Roger and he's GORGEOUS!
Raven: Where you meet him?!
Nicole: In my Literature class and he took me out to lunch! Ooh hes perfect! He compliments me, does everything i want him to, and...he kissed me! :D
Gia: Whoa! Isn't that too fast? You only knew him for a day!
Raven: Yea girl you better calm down before he be giving you babies!
Reese: Y'all know Nicole easy.
Nicole: [annoyed] Just shutup! it's my relationship!
Raven: MY TURN! Patrick & Carnell are in my math class and they invited us over their house today.
Reese: Oohh lets go! I wanna see my man Carnell!
Nicole: Really? Did they give an address?
Raven: yep so lets get ready and meet them so i can see Dustin :P
Gia: yes i can see Kelly!
Guy: [walks up] Hey Reese you wanna hang out?
Reese: Oh Eric! I forgot all about you. Actually we were leaving-
Eric: I was going to a nightclub and i know how you love to party ;)
Reese: in that case YES!
Raven: NO! Sorry um Eric? We are going to see important people today sorry.
Nicole: Yep sorry. Nice jacket tho.

We all left "Eric" by himself in the cafeteria...

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Chapter 7


Tiffany Evansas Nicole
Kristinia DeBargeas Reese
Cassieas Raven
Keke Palmeras Gia
Dustin Michael Breedingas himself
Kelly Allen Breedingas himself
Patrick Owen Breedingas himself
Carnell Fredrick Breedingas himself
Bryan Jesse Breedingas himself
Omarion Grandberryas Roger
Bow Wowas Eric

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