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i thought you loved me [Sasuke Love Story]

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-Midori's POV-

i punched Sakura in the head.

"Ow!" she piped.

"I told you to stop doing that!" I replied.

She rolled her eyes and went back up to sasuke. She wrapped her arm around his arm.  I huffed but didnt feel like going threw this again. naruto went up to Sakura.

"Hey naruto!" i said.

He looked back at me. I waved him to come. He turned and started walking with me.

"What?" he asked.

I looked around. Kakashi was in the front. Away from ear range.

" Ever wonder what Kakashi reads in those perverted books?" i asked.

He nodded his head.

"Well me too listen we're gonna do a plan okay?" I said.

He nodded and started listening intensly.

" Hey! Sasuke, Sakura come here!" i exclaimed.

They stopped walking and waited. sakura quickly moved her arm off of sasukes.

"You guys want to help me with something?" I asked.

"NO!" sakura said.

"Okay then leave!" I said.

She grabbed Sasuke's arm.

"come on Sasuke-kun!" She said.

She tried to pull him but he stayed were he was.

"You know i have one word for you Sakura" i said.

She looked at me.

"ANNOYING!" i exclaimed, " Anyway if you staying then you have to keep this a secrete"

" What secrete?"

I palm faced. And turned around and did my fake smile.

" Oh nothing Kakashi but can we rest real quick?" i asked.

"Sure" he responded.

Me and Naruto sat down idain style on the ground. Sasuke sat next tto me on my right. Naruto was dianal on my left and Sakura sat next to sasuke dianally. Kakashi went somewhere. I looked around. Then leaned in closer.

"We're gonna take kakashi's book" i whispered.

" i know that!"  Naruto replied.

"okay im going to tranfrom into zabuzza at the bridge and when i got him distracted salura will transform into  a second book and Sasuke and Naruto replace the two." I whispered.

"Wait why do i have to be the book?" sakura asked.

"Cause thats the only way you can contribute to this..... and you dont want to read the book anyway!" I answered.

"fine" she said.

" Okay when i give the signal" i answered.

"signal to what?"

everyone jumped but me.

" Kakashi its none of you buiness!" i answered.

-time skip-

We were about to get to the bridge when i nodded to Sakura. She didnt get it so i nodded to Naruto. And he just shrugged and shook his head. I huffed and nodded to Sasuke oh gave me another nod back.

" Kakashi! Me and sakura have to go." I said.

"find a bush."

" But Kakashi we're girls not boys we need to  have a clean place to go" sakura said.

' fianlly someone other then Sasuke got it' i thought.

"Fine go to someone's house." he said.

We nodded and ran down the street and the stoped and waited for us. We went in a bush and did our transformations. I got out Kaitasi and did hand signs. Bird boar rat.


A zabuzza look a like appeared in my hand.

"yes! i did it!" i said.

Sakura did her transformation into a book. I took her off the ground and started tree jumping. I lowered my Chakara so it was like nothing was there. When Kakashi wasnt looking  i dropped the bok in Sasuke's lap.

-Sasuke's POV-

we were waiting for Sakura and Midori. A book ploped down in my lap. I looked over at Naruto who nodded.

"Hey Kakashi.. they're catch up we should just keep going." Naruto said.

"fine lets go" Kakashi said.

We started getting walking to the bridge. I stuck the book in Naruto's bag. Oh hell no am i gonna out that book iin my bag or back pocket if its Sakura. Then we got to the bridge. And most of the builders were either knocked out or dead.

"Wow Midori did good" Naruto whispered to me.

kakashi suddenly got veery nervous. Then a thick missed surrounded us. then Zabuzza and a hunter ninja came out. Kakashi sensei got into a fighting stance.

naruto tiptoed near Kakashi and was about to switch the books.

"Naruto stop playing around!" Kakashi yelled.

He stumbled backwards and the book flew out of his hand. When it hit the ground Sakura poofed out.

"he-hey Kak-kashi sensei" She said.

"Sakure were is midori?!" kakashi said.

"She should be right there!" sakura said.

"Thats not Midori" Kakshi answered.

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