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I Got the Hots for my Science Teacher.......... What the hell?!?!? [ ON HOLD]

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Previous on my I got the Hots for my Science Teacher ............... What the hell?!?!? Chapter 5



Keith's point of view

I watched as she ran away. I wanted to stay with her forever. Even though I barely know her it feels like I knew her my whole life. 

I got up and put on my shirt. I walked to my blue BMW and hoped in. As I drive home all I can think about is the warmth of her lips and her  

Cute giggle she releases when something is funny. They way she smells makes me want that to be the only smell I ever smell. The way her green eyes sparkle. 

And the softness of her touch.

Jade's point of view



As I walk home all I could think about was stay with him forever. Even though I barely know him it feels like I knew him my whole life. 

I arrived at my purple and light blue bricked house. I walked pasted my mom's electric green hummer. As I walk up to my room all I can think about is the warmth of his lips and his  

arms wrapped around me trying to ease my sadness. The way he smells makes me want that to be the only smell I ever smell. The way his baby blue eyes glimmer. 

And the softness of his touch.

Keith's / Jade's point of view

Then I realized a big problem .........................


When am I going to see him / her again?!? 



I got the Hots for my Science Teacher ............... What the hell?!?!? Chapter 6


Jades point of view

9:37 in the morning

BEEP!! BEEP!!! BEEP!! Dooo!! Noooo! Jooo! Meee!!! Meee!!!

I turned to my phone. I grabbed it and answered it.


"Hey Jade, it's me Keith."

I instantly sat up in bed.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked still half asleep.

"Oh I'm did I wake you up?" He said apologetic.

"No I was already awake." I lied

"Ok... umm... I was just wondering if you wanted to hang out ummm" He asked shyly.

"Yeah!... I mean a sure." Omg I sound way to excited hopefully he didn't notice....

He laughed. " I like the enthusiasm. How about I pick you up around 10:30. So you can get ready. K?"

'K but, where are we going?"

"Surprise but, I think you'll like it." He said.

I giggled "Okay see you then."

"Okay bye beautiful." He said sweetly.

I hung up the phone and went to go take a shower. After I was done I walked out to my closet with my Purple laced underwear and lavender bra on.  

I couldn't decide what I should I wear so deiced I should call him. I looked out the window and saw it was raining.

I picked up my phone and dialed his number. 



"Hello?" He said.

"Umm.. Keith it's Jade, what should I wear to this surprise?" I said laughing

He chuckled. "Umm .....Wear whatever you want."

"Also it's raining sooo....."

"Ahh right ummm..... We can't go to the surprise now. Sorry." He said disappointed.

"Ohh okay.....Then I guess I see you some other tim-"

"Wait. We can still hang out just you can't have your surprise yet."

"Umm okay what can we do." I asked.

"Well, if you want you can come over to my house. I have a built indoor pool we can go swimming.  

If not that we can go in the hot tub."

"Sure that would be really fun." I said grinning with joy.

"Okay. Are you ready?"


"Okay, I'll be there in 10 minutes."

"Okie dokie! See you then." I said with joy.

The phone ended. I threw my phone on my bed.  

I walked over to my closet and picked out a Lime green Bikini with Yellow hearts on it.

My phone rang. God Damn everyone is calling me today!


"Hey Jade it's Meagan."

"Ummm Hi.." Why the hell is that bitch calling me.

"I know your probably saying why the hell is she calling?"

"Actually..." I paused.

"Let me explain.." 

8 minutes later...................

"Are we cool, now?" She asked me.

It took me a minute to answer that question... "Yes, But when stuff has nothing to do with you don't take it in to your own hands. Okay?"

"Yep. Good thing we don't have to worry about seeing Keith again. Right?" 


"Ahh.... Yeah. Well I gotta go I have stuff to do."

"Okay bye Bff." When hung up the phone......

The phone rang again.


"I'm out side." Keith said.

"Okay." I hung up with him ran to my closet and put on a dark green strapless dress to go over my bathing suit.

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