Killing Sheep

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Killing sheep.

Don't make a peep.

No, I'm not on a farm.

I might just eat your severed arm.

Cutting up faces.

In all sorts of places.

Murdering humans.

Slicin' up sheep.

What a secret to keep!

Humans flock as sheep do.

What an obvious clue!

Sheep have herds as humans have cliques.

They mingle and mix.

Back to the murderous story.

I don't even feel sorry.

Hand me the razor.

Use that tazer!

Electrocution is a cruel death.

I enjoy it plenty.

Did you read that death note,

That I attached to your winter coat?

I'm coming for you!

Is that the midnight dew,

That you just slipped on?

Or was that all a trick?

A mind slip?

That won't deter me!

This just means I'm gonna higher the murder fee!

You're gonna wake up dead.

And I'mma blame it on the poisoness lead.

The truth will never be revealed.

The truth is already sealed.

Within your coffin the truth is dead and gone with you.

Only one thing left to say.

You better hope.

You better pray.

That I don't go bump in the night for your church's pope.