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Guns Don't Kill People...But They Sure Do Help


COPYRIGHT NOTICE. All events and ideas in this book belong to bettyboo125bo. All violators of this statement will be held responsible for any stolen material.

This was something I've been thinking of writing for a while, but I didn't reallt wanna put it into the "Untold.." story bacause I felt that it wouldn't fit well with everthing that's happening and will happen in that plot. So here it's called...

Guns Don't Kill People...But They Sure Do Help...

Chapter One

"Naomi?" I asked shockingly as I saw her holding a gun to some guy. I recognized him as Rachel's older brother; I think his name was Jim. But why did she have a gun on him? Where did she even get a gun in the first place? "Naomi," I said her name again, but she ignored it again.

"I hate you," was all she said towards Jim. I slowly walked around so I could get a better view of her face, and I saw what I prayed I'd never get a chance to see. Hatred. Sure, I've seen her angry, happy, sad, bored, frustrated, surprised, flirtatious, but I've never seen just pure hatred.

"Naomi, don't do this," I started, although she didn't look at me I knew she was listening. "Look, whatever he did, it's not worth it," I tried again, my eyes jumping from her to the gun.


I heard as she flicked the gun barrow back with her thumb, preparing to shoot. Fear rose through my body, not for me but for her. If she shot him, I know I'd lose her forever. She'd never be the same girl again. She'd never be the same girl I fell in love with...

.....wait.....By now I know you all are confused, so allow this story to start from the beginning...

>Naomi POV<

Why me? Why me? Why did I have to move to a new school, a new state? When my parents first mentioned it, I thought they were joking. Then I tried to persuade them to consider leaving me behind, but unfortunately, we have nosey neighbors (you know how that is). So here I am, in this new state and new house, with no friends.

After my parents and I said our goodbyes, I headed off to school. So again, here I am, standing in the office in front of the sign in sheet. The women behind it looked as though she shouldn't even be working in a school, more like for Cover girl magazines or something. She looked up at me with a welcoming smile. "Hi, I'm Mrs. Jeepers, how can I help you?" She seemed nice.

"Hi, I'm new here, I was just coming to retrieve my schedule," I used my friendly voice.

"Name?" she asked.

At that moment, a boy walked in. He had a short brown hair cut that was probably an inch off his scalp at the top. He wore dark blue jeans, green buttoned down collared shirt that was pulled up to his elbows, with a black vest. He clearly had muscles, but was still slim with them, even though that was just half of what made me want to know who he is.

He came in and sat down on the couch that was against the wall. He didn't look up during any of this. He just placed his elbows on his knees and balanced his chin on his vertical arm, and stared out the window, looking into the hall. He looked as if he was waiting for something to happen, but was also extremely bored. "Name?" Mrs. Jeepers broke my concentration.

I turned back to her, now realizing I was looking at the boy still. "Oh, um, my name is Naomi Scott," I said, loud enough for the boy to hear. Mrs. Jeepers looked at me with a smile that said 'I just finished a puzzled I've been working on for weeks'.

"Oh, Ms. Scott! We've been expecting you! How was your trip from Florida, hopefully you'll find it peaceful enough here to where you don't miss home," she smiled at me.

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