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Dangerous Mate


Travis' P.O.V.

"Alpha, we need to go now, that vampire might find this place and attack us," One of the my pack mates said.

I nodded as I signal James, my beta, that we are going. He nodded back and gathered some of my pack mates.

"How far from here?" I asked one them who saw the vampire.

"About 3 kilometers from here, the vampire is near the  riverbank" 

"That's near... We have no time to waste, let's go" I ordered them. Laura came forward with a worried eyes.

"Be sure to come back safe" She told me. I smiled at her still feeling hurt that the fact she's not my mate. Everyone thought that the two of us is meant for each other, but that thought was destroyed when I first shifted. I found out she's not my mate. I went back to my beta and nodded at him signalling for us to go.

We ran full speed. We do not need to shift because its only near, and if we shift the vampire will know we're coming. Werewolves scents are usually stronger in their wolf form than their human form. Only our own kind can distinguish, even from far away, if a person is a werewolf in human form.

"We are here," one of my pack mates said as he move out from the way so I can see the vampire. Its a girl, and  she's drinking an animal blood. I didn't know that vampires drink animal blood, I always thought they drink human blood. I sniffed the air to see if someone else is with her. Fortunately she's alone, I get ready to shift but I smelled something else. Something I want, something I've been waiting for then it hit me.

"Mate." I whispered. I lost control of my mind. She noticed that she's not alone so she immediately stood up about to leave, but I won't let  her. She's mine. I quickly bought her to my arms and ran as fast as I could towards the pack's house. What am I doing? She's danger to my pack, but my wolf insisted to bring her to my territory.

I saw the others running behind me in their wolf forms, trying to catch me and stop me from going to the pack's place. Who do they think they are, I'm their alpha. I growled at them which made them stop. I ran inside the pack's place and went towards my room. I was oblivious to my surroundings that I didn't noticed that Laura saw me carrying a stranger, whats more, a vampire.

When I reached my room a placed her gently on my bed. "Mine," I growled. She looked at me with those horrified eyes like I was a mad person. I felt hurt. Then, James grabbed my arms tightly.

"What the hell are you doing? Snapped out of it? Why did you bring this thing to our place?" He yelled.

I realized what I just did. My mind is messed up. I felt angry when he called my mate a thing. Even if he is my beta he cannot be forgiven. I growled which made him stepped back.

"What did you just call my mate?" I growled.

"Mate?" He asked confused. Of course he didn't know. He doesn't know what it looks like if you find your mate. "You are not allowed to call my mate a thing or touch her,"

"Woah!!! Dude!! " I heard my mate shouted. "What in the world you mean by mate, you crazy psycho?"

She's a vampire she wouldn't know how it feels when a wolf found your mate. I saw her rolled her eyes and headed to the window. She opened the window and leaped out. I was startled when she did that. Worried, I went down just to find her perfectly fine.

"Don't worry I wouldn't die," She assured. The other pack members, especially the males, were all out staring at her. I can see they are not happy with her presence. I'm angry when I saw that. They should be happy, she's my mate, even though she's a vampire. I followed her and she  turned around with an annoyed look.

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