Chapter 6

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Chapter 6:


Ian woke up abruptly.

"What the hell...?" He muttered, annoyed. He scrambled up from his sleeping position and dusted the dirt off his pants. He glanced around. Who was that? "Can someone tell me what's going on here?" He cried angrily. Keenan appeared beside him. "Nefer," Keenan whispered, then collapsed on the ground, crying. Kigan staggered towards Ian, his shoulders sagging and his feet dragging. Ian ran to him and grabbed his collar. "What. The. Fuck. Happened." He demanded, shaking Kigan. "Nefer, he's-he's oh god..." Kigan burst into tears. 

"Nefer! Please wake up! Please, Nefer," came the voice again. A single name shot into Ian's mind. Vierra! "Vierra!" Ian shouted anxiously. He flew to her side within seconds. Ian hugged Vierra in relief. She muttered something about Nefer. Now... what was going on? Something felt wrong. A shiver ran up Ian's spine. Nefer was in danger. Ian shuddered; was he too late?

"Vierra? What... What's wrong?"

Vierra was clinging to Jazlyn, both girls crying their hearts out. I raised an eyebrow, then walked to them. He immediately caught sight of the body in front of them. Nefer? Was it... Could it be... "Nefer!" Ian screamed.


Ophine had left the corpse a long time ago.

Troop two trolls looked fearful, their eyes flashing at any sound. It was making Ophine jumpy. Ever since the 'corpse episode', the remaining trolls had been growling at bushes and jumping whenever a breeze blew at their backs. Ophine was worried. He had to do something.

But what? 

Then he knew. He knew what the troll was put there for. His heart pounded. All of a sudden, he knew. But that was the sad thing. He could not know it. Simple as that. Blame it on him for being so smart. Because now, he had to face the consequences. Ophine suddenly felt his throat clench, as if an invisible hand was strangling him. 

It squeezed harder, tighter, until no air could enter. Ophine sank to his knees, his eyes bulging. His shaking hand flew up, trying to yank that invisible hand away. He pulled and pulled, but to no avail. Troop two troll backed away form him, staring at the scene before them with wide eyes. They thought he was having a heart attack.

Ophine wheezed, his face flushed from the lack of oxygen. "Help..." He choked out, his body trembling. He had no energy left to try and struggle. He sat there in an awkward position, feeling his life drain away, bit by bit. His mind blanked and his head throbbed. Pain, pain, pain. He was hurting. Hurting, so much. His world was fading. Black spots danced before his eyes. His time was up.

But he could do nothing to change that.

And the trolls all thought that he was having a heart attack. An innocent thought. Yes, it was better that they didn't know. Because the truth was much, much more evil. We should not stain the young minds with such thoughts.


Unknown POV

I could read minds too. Amazing, isn't it? In fact, I thought I was the strongest of my kind. You'd guess that I was one of the C.O.T.S. No way. C.O.T.S are stupid, powerless and dumb. They do not know how to properly use their abilities, if they even have them. Most importantly, they do not know how to discover their new abilities. Ha. I was 100% sure I was the strongest Daemon ever. I was born invincible. But I was also born... To run. To chase.

I could run very fast. Or so I thought, since all the palace guardians always couldn't catch me. But I hadn't properly thought about the fact that they were at least a hundred years older than me. My first big mistake. And I also haven't thought about why my mother was always shouting at me to get my coat off. I mean, seriously? A coat? Haha. I was invincible. Why would I need a coat? I thought they were so bossy, always asking me to do that. So I escaped.