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Money, Mansion, School, and a Handful of Cousins.

Dedicated to


This whole story is dedicated to my cousins:  






and sister, 


along with my family friends, 




luv u guyz all so much :)



Chapter 1

I got out of the limousine and made my way through the high iron gates that led me straight to hell on earth. Girls swarmed around me making me want to hurl. I spotted my best friend Max leaning against the south wall of the despicably over-sized walls of Raazi High. The ancient walls were covered in vines and had ivy climbing up from the ground. It had huge arch windows and looked more like a church than a school. I hated this place so bad. Just because my ancestors had built this place, i get treated like I'm some kind of delicate flower-like prince who will break if you harmed him. Well i was but only Max knew that. I'm a guy for goodness sake! We love being seen as the hero. NOT the damsel in distress. If you are a damsel. Which I'm not. No way.

I saw my gorgeous girls walk up to me. Sumeya had her professional camera casually slung around her neck, while wearing the school's snow white button up shirt and the ebony black school skirt. The school black and white tie hanging around her neck loosely. The school ballet flats were a perfect fit for her small feet, with the tie-up ribbons dancing their way up around her leg to her knees. Meanwhile, Dierra was wearing the same thing except she didn't have the black formal vest accompanying her shirt. I hugged Sumeya and greeted Dierra with air kisses on either side of her cheeks (A/N didn't know how to describe this part but if you don't get it, it's the girly way, you know, cheeks just touching and you kiss the air next to that person's ear? Well, i tried to explain as well as i could. On with the story :))

"Azzi, did you go to sleep late last night?" Sumeya asked, as i coincidently yawned. She fiddled with the camera that weighed down her small, petite form.

"Well, i don't know. Maybe the fact that you were in the room RIGHT NEXT to mine would help you remember what time i went to sleep," i murmured, "Since you two were making so much noise, how COULDN'T I go to sleep?" i was still whispering in hushed voices, just so those two could hear, though sarcasm coated every word that managed to come out of my mouth. If news got out that girls were staying with me, it would cause havoc at school.

"Lighti-," Sumeya started but i cut her off.

"The lighting is perfect so just stay like that while i take a picture?" i guessed. She always took photo's whether the model liked it, or not. And i am her number one model. Unfortunately. I mean, there is nothing wrong with getting your picture taken, but i mean EVERYDAY!? BY MYSELF!? Oh, right. I just met you.

Let's get one thing straightened out. The name's Azure Raazi. I'm a Year 8 High school student who happens to be 13 years of age (A/N just so you know, this is set in Australia, following Australian school terms), well I'm turning 13 tomorrow anyway. My parents are ALWAYS away on business and i have barely seen them since i was 5. My uncle's and aunt's follow on either the same business line, or in politics, either way, they are all powerful people.

I live in a HUGE-GINORMOUS-LARGE mansion with my cousins. Six of them to be exact. But one of them is a huge badass and got herself stuck in boarding school for breaking a guy's arm fifteen times. Yep, and she was only in year 5 when she did that. She's the same age as me, so i havn't seen or heard from her, for about 3 years. So she doesn't live with us anymore, obviously. The other five, well, let's just say that they are all girls. Well, if you don't count my cousin Jezebel. But he looks just LIKE a girl. Put make-up on him and dress him up and wa-lah! You have yourselves a little girl. He is in Year 1. I love my cousins all so much, but sometimes, it gets lonely being a guy surrounded by girls.

Sumeya is 17 and she basically raised us all since our parents were never home. She is beautiful to say the least. She is an average Year 11 student, readying herself for her HSC test and has dark wavy brown hair with natural red highlights, but you can't see them because of the tone colour of the brown. She has brown eyes and a nose piercing. She has a GREAT sense of style, which she passed odwn to me through her amazing teaching techniques, and she is the kindest and most caring person in the universe. When Sumeya was 5, her parents had to go on a 2 year business trip, so they built this mansion for all of the kids to stay in. We have maids and butlers and stuff, but we don't hassle them unless it is really necessary. She is Nazeira's older sister.

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