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You Complete Me


Chapter Seven


(Direct continuation of Chapter Six :p)




Charlie stared at me, his mouth agape like a fish out of water.

I grinned and raised an eyebrow, “forgot your sense of speech I see.”

He blinked and shut his mouth close. “What kind of date? Are you serious?”

“A date date and yes, of course I’m serious. I wouldn’t joke with your feelings like that.”

“I…yes.” The pure happiness on his face made my chest ache. I knew instantly what I was doing was wrong but I shrugged it off. If this was what Tyson wanted, then so be it.

“Great, how does tonight sound?”

He grinned at me, “tonight is perfect!”

“See you later!” I called and walked to class.

Maybe I could do this. I could get over Tyson. I would distract myself with Charlie and stop thinking about Tyson. Maybe I’ll fall in love with him, who knows?




I heard every word.

My heart was ripping apart in my chest.

What the fuck have I done? Oh wait, I’ve just fucking lost the only love of my life I ever had! Probably lost any hope of life too. I was so fucking stupid. But I forced myself to believe it was for the best. I would get over Tyler. It was for the best.

Like repeating it was going to imprint it in my damn skull.

“Tyson!” Charlie called happily when he entered the gym, “you do know you’re late for class? Are you…having some private time?” he teased and then laughed.

“I’ll be out soon,” I snapped, quickly shoving on my shirt and running out of the gym.

“Whoa, someone shit in your lunch?” I heard him chuckle behind me and I wanted to strangle him.

You’re a fool.

“Shut up,” I hissed at my head as I went to class. It was all for the best.

Great. Soon those words were going to become a ballad in my head.

The day went by slowly, the strain between Tyler and I so evident that Jane and Giovannie asked me numerous times if we were okay and of course I said yes. Charlie was the only oblivious one – his happiness was so evident it was adding to the strain in the air. Giovannie kept giving me knowing looks but I ignored him.

When we got home after school, the tension was high in the air. My mother kept glancing suspiciously at Tyler and I as we sat down in the sitting room together. Of course she noticed the strain between us, if there was anyone who understood Tyler and I better than we did ourselves, it was our mother.

We were watching a movie in silence – Tyler looking a little bit preoccupied with his thoughts and I was sure I looked murderous. Our mother finally paused the movie and sighed in frustration, “okay boys, start spilling the beans.”

Tyler turned to face her and beamed brightly, “I’m going on a date with Charlie,” he said to her, actually sounding a bit happy about it. This made my anger boil but I tried to cool it down. It was none of my business.

Our mother looked surprised, “Really? You and Charlie?”

Tyler giggled, “I know!”

She laughed happily, “Well, I’m happy for you son. Just don’t rush things, okay? And no sex, you’re still very young and I won’t tolerate it.”

“But mum – “ he whined, sticking his tongue out.

She looked appalled, “don’t tell me you were even thinking about it!”

He tried to look innocent, “Thinking about what? Me? Pft, what? No.”

I was clutching my fists so hard I was sure my nails were going to be imprinted in the palm of my hand like a tattoo.

“Is that why Tyson looks so pissed?” she giggled, “honestly Tyson, you’re too protective of your brother. Charlie is a good guy.”

Somehow, her words made me relax. She was right. Charlie was a good guy. He wasn’t going to hurt Tyler. Also, to add to that, no one would question their relationship because they weren’t related.

“I can’t help it, you know,” I replied and managed a fake smile.

She beamed, seemingly happy that my sour mood had uplifted somewhat.

When nightfall came and Tyler left the house for his date, I was ready to punch a hole through the fucking wall. I was in my room, pacing around angry and bored and hating that nothing I did could get my mind of the thought that right now Tyler could be in Charlie’s arms.

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