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Thanks for commenting and voting you guys. You seriously made my day.  

Here's part four i hope you like it 


Next morning i woke up to the loud annoying sound of my alarm and dragged myself out of bed to get a long warm shower. I was so excited to go tell my friends about what had happened during the weekend and all about Alex. Putting on my black skinny jeans and my tunic tee with vest and my nike vandal high top trainers. For my make-up i put some water proof mascara and some lipgloss then descended the stairs to have breakfast with my sister.  

"morning sunshine" i said feeling very happy for some reason. 

"someone's very happy" Sera commented while giving me my plate with buttered toast, bacon and eggs. My favourite. 

"i had plenty of rest yesterday so yeah" i said, digging in to my food. 

"oh.. uh Ben called" she announced awkwardly. I see she still had the guilt for what happened the night before. Serves her right for responding to the kiss. 

"what'd he want?" i asked indifferently. 

"he said he's coming to pick you up in a few" she said 

"oh... ok then" as soon as those words left my mouth, a horn sounded outside declaring Ben's presence. I quickly ate my food. What? He offered a lift and i'm taking it. Just because we broke up doesn't mean we can stop being friends or i can stop accepting presents he gives me. Besides, i didn't even have a ride. 

"ok i gotta go. Do you want a lift too Sera?" i asked 

"nah i'll call Jay to come pick me up. No biggy" she said with a shrug. Jay was her best guy friend. They were friends with benefits if you know what i mean. Jay had a girlfriend too but she was overseas which was why i despised long distance relationships. He was cheating on her and she didn't know. She was probably saving herself for him seeing how hot he was. What? I just said hot that doesn't mean i liked him. 

Anyway, i grabbed my bag and my phone and got out to meet Ben. 

"hey baby" he said, opening the door for me. What a suck-up. 

"hey Ben" i said simply, getting into the car "thanks"  

He shut the door and walked to the other side of the car.  

"so... uh... how was your morning?" he asked awkwardly and i knew he was trying to 'talk'. 

"good how bout you?" i asked 

"it was ok" he said and waited for a moment for me to talk. I didn't.  

"so... uh... have you changed your mind?" he asked 

"about what?" i pretended not to know 

"about us" he said 

"there is no us Ben i told you. Its over" 

"but baby i said i was sorry. We can forget about this and just move on like nothing happened" he said. Jerk.  

"well i'm choosing not to forget about this. Its over so just deal with it" 

"why are you blaming this on me?!" he snapped "your sister's the skank that did this to us. Dont let her win. This is what she wanted for us to break up" 

"don't try to lie to me Ben i saw everything. You kissed her first and stop calling her names" i said in a calm voice. He was beginning to piss me off. 

"why are you getting so worked up over this it was just a f*king kiss!" he yelled 

"so you're telling me if you saw me kiss another guy you wouldn't get mad at me?" i demanded 

"well i wouldn't break up with you" 

"but you'd still be mad" 

"i wouldn't break up with you" 

"well i would. And i am. I'm not you so get used to it"  

"ugh why i even started going out with you i'll never know. You're so... ugh" he groaned 

"well you must be happy because its over between us" i hissed 

"i didn't mean it like that Eli" 

"that doesn't make a difference" 

"Eli i can change" we were in the school's car park and he was looking for a parking space 

"i don't care" i answered. He pulled up in an empty parking space and locked the doors before turning around to face me.  

"i love you Eli" he said and leaned in to kiss me. 

"what part of breaking up don't you understand Ben? I don't want to kiss you" i said pushing him away. 

"you need me" he said 

"you wish" i replied. Again he leaned in to kiss me and when i tried to push him away he kept on pushing back. He crashed his lips onto mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth then slipped one of his hands in my shirt while the other one was grabbing my thigh. I tried to push him away but he kept pushing back, trapping me against the door. I yelped in pain when my head hit the window. 

"you don't know what you're doing Eli you love me" he growled planting kisses down my jaw line to my neck then up to my mouth again. His hand kept going up my shirt until he grabbed my boob. Surprisingly he didn't squeeze it to make it hurt. It actually felt good. I decided he'd gone far enough and kneed him where the sun doesn't shine.

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