Chapter 5

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As promised, here's Ian's POV! Enjoy! Remember to vote, comment and fan!

Chapter 5:


Ian's POV

"What was that?" I thought. We were back with our other friends. "Do you think Ophine killed it?" Nefer asked. Jazlyn shook her head slowly. "No... He wouldn't kill one of his kind. He's a good guy." Nefer, Kigan and Keenan nodded. After a moment's hesitation, I nodded too. He must be. I mean, he was a troll. A freaking troll! I thought trolls were supposed to be gentle. It was then I noticed that they were all staring at Vierra, our pack leader.

She looked deep in thought, her eyebrows furrowed and her lips upturned in a frown. "She looked so cute!" I thought randomly. My gaze drifted down to her lips. I shook my head and blinked, my heart pounding. I had a crush on her for forever. Suddenly, Vierra spoke. "No. We cannot afford to jump to conclusions like that. Remember the scene in the building?" Vierra asked. We all nodded. "But they didn't kill them!" Kigan protested.

Vierra nodded. "Exactly. He didn't kil the humans; So it was unlikely that he killed a troll." Jazlyn coughed. "So...? He is a good guy then, isn't he?" Vierra let out a sigh. She glanced at Jazlyn, a spark of annoyance in her eyes. "I don't know. He might have killed the troll." She replied. I cleared my throat, and all eyes were now on me. "But... Why are the trolls here in the first place?" I asked. Vierra bit her lower lip, looking sexy as hell.

My heartbeat sped up.

"I have a good guess... But it seems unlikely." Vierra began. "What? Tell us!" Keenan demanded, leaning forward. Vierra frowned again, but continued anyway. "They might be coming... to find us. They were the ones who created Jay after all," Vierra explained. Jazlyn shrugged.''But why?" I asked, not getting it. Vierra sighed sadly as she shut her eyes. She blinked, then stared at me.

"I don't know, Ian. I don't know."


Ophine stopped abruptly in his tracks. "What the fuck?" He muttered, staring at the mess before him. Troop 2 trolls stayed where they were while Ophine went forward to investigate. He placed a hand on the ripped chest, hoping to feel a heartbeat. But of course, there was none. More blood was pouring out of the wound. Ophine stared at the dead body in shock. Who could have done this? He looked closely, and realised with a start that it was a troll.

Someone had killed a troll. And that someone was going to pay with his life.

Ophine clenched his hands into fists. The troll was killed not long ago. The murderer must be somewhere around here. He waved his hand and led his troop on. Later. Later he would find out who killed the troll. For now, there was a more important task at hand.


Unknown POV

I followed the trolls silently. No one could see me- I was invincible. I got closer and closer to the trolls, and suddenly lashed out at the last troll at the back of the group. I had covered his mouth before he could even make a sound. I raced into the trees, then put the troll down. I sat on it, grinning evilly. It's eyes were pleading, but I showed no mercy. I released my hand. The troll opened it's mouth to scream; I placed both hands on the sides of his mouth and pulled. Blood began pouring out as the troll struggled under me.

I punched the sides of the eyes and they dropped onto the ground. I cracked the nose with one hand. Then I delivered two mighty blows to the chest. A grunt was heard. Not dead yet. I shoved a hand deep into his chest. A groan escaped the troll's lips. I pulled my hand out. It was dripping with fresh blood. I wiped it on my pants. I put my hands on the open wound and ripped the whole chest apart, causing blood to splatter everywhere.