Chapter 1:Sky The Neko Slave.


Sky is a guy and he is a neko.He has no clothes.The only person who is nice to him is delo.He is 9 years old.His cat ears and tail are proof of him being a neko when hes in human form.

I woke up in my cage in my human form to find a shadow over me.It was the owner of this pet shop Delo."You awake up Sky?"He asked.I mumbled yes to him.Then the front door opened.I stayed where I was not caring about anything.I felt tired.I closed my eyes and fell asleep. 

I woke up again to see Delo looking at me with a worried look."Sky. You havent been adopted for 7 months now.Im worried about you."He said.The door agian flew open with a different man than before."Hey brother! How are you?"Delo said.I was confused."Sky meet my brother Vilo."Delo said.He was creepy.I know that Delo is a warewolf.But his eyes.Blazing blue creepy eyes.I shivered as he looked at me."Hello.And who's this little beast?"He said.My fur beristled as he called me beast.I hissed."Calm down Sky!Hes no beast."Delo said.Vilo looked at me with interest."Can I take him?"He asked.I flinched.If he said yes I would be seeing those scary eyes everyday!I didn't like this."Are you sure?Hes pretty mean and disobeys everything someone asks him to do."Delo said."Im sure I do.And if he does disobey me I will punish him."He said."Okay" 

As he opened the cage door I moved closer to the back of the cage hissing."Sky come here now!"he yelled.I didnt obey."Fine!"he waped his arm around my stomache and grabbed me."Let me go!"i screamed hissing and trying to get out of his grip."I told you to come and you didn't.Vilo where do you want me to put him?"Delo said.I ran out of energy and stopped moving and started meowing sadly."Over in my car.Stop meowing!"Vilo yelled.I stopped and I was scared.Why isnt Delos brother as nice as him.I mean there brothers.Delo put me in the car.When Vilo came into the car I looked at him scared. He glared at me."Are you scared of me?Dispicable."he said as he grabbed me and put me in the front seat.

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