I wanna hold your hand...(a poem)



I stop my eyes from searching for you.

I breathe in and out to stop my heart from beating so furiously when I see you.

I stop my lips from calling to you.

I stop my eyes from caressing your smile

I keep my  hands from reaching out to yours

I keep my spirits high and the tears from falling down

When in truth I wanna hold your hand … so badly.

Just once.

I wanna cry n scream

I wanna be held in your arms

I want you to ask “ did you miss me?” the way you do with a smile.

I want you to say “its ok”

I want to say the words out loud “I like you”

I want it to be ‘ok’ to like you

I just wanna hold your hand…

But that can't happen .

So don’t look at me with those eyes that say you want me

Don’t smile at me with your smile

Don’t invite the hope.

I just wanna…

I cant…

Cause if you do, ill become so pitiful

Do you want so badly to make me pitiful?

I cant reach out to you. I can't even dream of it

You are not a man to me…

You can't be…

My tears spilling out of me

My dreams far from reality

And still I want you close to me

My yearning  sprouts out demands

The offer still stands.

I wanna hold your hand…

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