a funny story (one direction)


Chapter 1


     “Andy! If I call your name one more time I am going to take your jean jacket away for the rest of your life, now get ready for school!” my mother yelled impatiently at me banging on my door as she tapped her foot on the wooden floor


     “I’m coming, I’ll be out in five” I said with my head still in my pillow, my mother could be really scary when she wants something done, so as ordered I got out of bed and walked to my closet


     My closet is a mess so I literally had to leap in to find my jean jacket, my jean jacket is my life so I would do anything for it, we have been through thick and think, from that time when I got barbeque sauce on it to the time I accidently dropped in the toilet, but the past is behind us, now is the time to go out into the world to show its beauty, even if it did once smell like a dead rat


     I found my favorite shirt that had the logo of angry birds on it, I put on my regular black baggy shorts on and put my long brown hair in a tight bun, I turned to the mirror real quick to see how I look and passed it off as decent, I was about to leave the room when I noticed something didn’t feel right, I turned back to the mirror and found out that I forgot to take my jacket with me, thank god I remembered to bring it or this day would have been a bust. You see, my jacket is not only my life, but it also is a good luck charm, so anywhere I go it goes.


   I walked out of the room and ran down the stairs for my hungry stomach to devour my lunch and quench my thirst but to my surprise I found no lunch, I found five boys lounging on the couch watching scare tactics, but these boys were not normal boys, they are in a bad none other than one direction.


  They all turned there heads to me and smiled, that’s when I screamed.   



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