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Once dinner is done, I excuse myself up to my room. On my way up the stairs, my phone buzzes with a text. Harry.




I smile as I read the little greeting, wondering why it's making me so happy. It's just one word.


Hi :)


I respond.


I get a response right away.


Question of curiosity. Age?


I laugh at the question.


18 as of last month. You?


I wait a moment before my phone buzzes, and I check the text.


18 as of last Feb. Aha! You're younger than me! You don't realize how funny this is.


I read the text over twice. Funny? I reply with a few question marks before setting my phone down.


Sorry. I'll explain sometime...maybe in person? What are you doing tomorrow?


I sigh as I read the new text. I want to hang out with him, very badly. I end up planning to meet him tomorrow at one, before I fall asleep.


*  *  *


"Alright. Can I go out for the afternoon again?" I ask, politely, although I feel anxious.


"Yes. I'm glad that you're enjoying your time in London. Be back at six for dinner." she says as I head out in my floral summer dress and sandals that have a bit of a heel.


"Park again, please." I smile at the driver. I'm not telling any of them about Harry, since I don't think that my parents will take it well.


I get out at the park and make my way to the little coffee shop that we'd agreed to meet outside of. I see him leaning on a very expensive looking car, his arms crossed over his chest. He's wearing a white t-shirt, black skinny jeans and black sunglasses. He's playing with his phone.


"Afternoon." I smile as I near him.


"Beth!" he looks up at me smiling.


"Nice car." I comment.


"Oh, yea, I was figuring we could go somewhere different." he says, opening the passenger door for me.


"Alright." I say walking over. "One question, though."


"Sure." he says as he waits for me to get into the car.


"What exactly do you do for a living?" I look at the car again.


"I'm in the world-famous band, One Direction." he smiles as I climb in, shutting the door behind me.


"One Direction?" I ask as he gets into the car.


"Yes. With four of my best mates. We are actually quite famous." he smiles at me.


"Okay." I smile sweetly at him, not sure what to think.


"No, really. Wait a sec-" he says as his phone rings. 


A voice singing Hey there Delilah, what's it like in New York City, you're a thousand miles awa-


"Hello?" Harry answers.


"Hey, it's me. Duh. Can you come back to the house now? I know you're out with um... am I on speaker?" asks the voice.


"Yes. You are, say hi to Beth."


"HELLO!" shouts the voice. "I'm Louis. Anyways, Harry, management says to come back to house right away. Don't ask why, Liam told me to call you."


"Um..." Harry looks at me. I nod. "Alright, we'll be there in ten minutes." he says, hitting end call.

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Lucy Haleas Bethanny Porter
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