The Perfect Touch

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Cale glances suspiciously at me, "What's wrong?"

I look out the window, "Nothing."


"Nothing." I snap.

He sighs, and starts drumming on the dash board. Angrily, I slam my hand down on top of his, "Stop. Taping."


SAVANNAH'S POV (if you don't remember who this's the popular mean girl)

I slam my prada purse down on the wooden table, "SILVIA!"

Our Mexican maid scurries into the dining room, "Yes Miss?"

"Clean my car." I order.

She curtsies, "Yes Miss."

She exits, and I stomp up the stairs. I lock the French doors to my room, and scream. I hate my mother! She is making me hang out with Gigi today...GIGI!

Gigi is a loser, I don't care if she is a lion now, she's still a loser! There's a knock on my door, "Savannah?"

I roll my eyes, dear Lord, it's fucking Gigi. Angrily, I jerk open the door. I don't even spare her a glance, instead, I cross the room, and sit down at my vanity.

Carefully, I re-apply my eyeliner. Gigi sits down on my bed. "Dont sit there!"

She jumps up, and stands awkwardly. I roll my eyes, this is going to be a long night.


I sent Cale home, I honestly can't stand him right now. I can't stand myself right now. I just need a break, all of this is just too much to absorb.

I find myself shoving clothes into a duffle bag, sorry Cale.

Authors note: sorry it's short. Sorry I didn't upload yesterday. I've had the worst couple days ever.


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