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♥Love Affair♥ *Series Complete*


Diggy: A y'all let's play Truth or Dare.

Everyone agree's and they all get in a circle couple by couple. (Btw everyone is in there Pj's link at the bottom)

Prodigy: I'm going first.

Diggy: Ok Truth or Dare?

Prodigy: Dare.

Diggy: Its says to spank, squeeze and pinch your girlfriend's butt.

Prodigy: I like this dare........

*Lidiea bends down*

Lidiea: Dont hurt me Baby.

Prodigy: I wont.

Prodigy does the dare.

Lidiea: My butt hurts now you gone get it tonight.

Prodigy: I hope I do.

Diggy: Next dare.

Diggy: Truth or Dare Lid?

Lidiea: Dare.

Diggy: Give Prodigy a lap dance

Prodigy: Hell yeah *Rubbing hands together*

Lidiea does it harder and harder and she can tell Prod likes it.

Diggy: Get a room and next dare!

RocRoyal: Me!

Diggy: Truth or Dare?

RocRoyal: Truth

Diggy: Who’s the last person you undressed in your thoughts?

RocRoyal:..................................................Kiy, KIy, Kiylie.

Diggy: I knew it.

Kiylie blushes.

Diggy: Your turn Kiylie, truth or dare?

Kiylie: Dare.

Diggy: It says to let Roc flash you for 10 seconds

Kiylie: Follow me baby. *Pulls Roc by the collar*

*Roc flashes Kiylie*

Kiylie: He got a big *bick* and know how to use it!

Roc: Wow Kiylie. *Laughs*

Roc and Kiylie come back to the circle.

Cameron: Damn what was y'all doing?

Kiylie: Oh nothing....

Micah: Yeah ok.

Diggy: Your up Prince, truth or dare?

Prince: DARE!

Diggy: It says to bite Cameron's nipple or try to keep a ice cube on her nipple for 30 second.

Prince: Yeah I'm going to choose the first one.

Cameron: Dont bite me hard, or I'll make your nose crack and your *bick* black.

Prince: Damn chika. *Bites nipple*

Cameron: That wasn't so bad. *Laughing*

Prince: I know you liked it. *Smiles*

Diggy: Next dare!For Roc.

Roc: Dare.

Diggy: Damn I hadn't even got to that yet but, it say to lick hot fudge off of Kiy's stomach.

Roc: *Licks lip* Ok, yummy.

*Licks it off*

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