Life as a Shinobi (Naruto FanFic) {EDITING}


Hey people!! Okay I made a short skit with me and Sasuke. Tell me what you think!! ^^


(Modern Day Naruto)


Me: Hey Sasuke!!! 

Sasuke: What? 

Me: I was just wondering if I could touch your hair? 

Sasuke: *glare* 

Me: Fine, be that way! *pouts* 

Sasuke: *smirks* 

Me: Can I at least tell you something I learned today? 

Sasuke: What did you learn? 

Me: You take French, not Spanish right? 

Sasuke: *nods* 

Me: Well I learned how to say your name in Spanish! *smiles* 

Sasuke: Isn't it Sasuke? 

Me: Nope. 

Sasuke: What is it then? 

Me: Puta. *snickers*

Haha. Ya just something I randomly made up since I was bored and I wanted to share it with you guys. Next skit is me and Kiba. ^^



(Modern Day Naruto) 

(Inside High School Classroom)


Me: Hi Kiba!! 

Kiba: Hey. *does that nod thing that guys do* 

Me: Is Akamaru with you today??  

Kiba: Ya. Why? 

Me: Can play with him!! Please! Please! 

Kiba: *are you serious look* 

Me: Awwww, come on Kiba!! Please!! 

Kiba: *stares*....... No. 

Me: *glares* 

Kiba: *rolls eyes* 

Me: Meanie!! 

Kiba: *rolls eyes again* 

Me: *mutters* Stupid dog boy..... 

Kiba: *death glare* 

Me: *backs away* Stop that..... 

Kiba: *continues to death glare* 

Me: Kiba!! Stop that!! Your freaking me out!! 

Kiba: *continues to give death glare* 

Me: *looks around for something to save me*.........*spots mouse and grabs it*..........*throws mouse at Kiba* Pikachu go!!


Well my friend told me that Pikachu so I decided to use it ;)~ 

Next is me and Sakura




Me: Hey Pinky!! Come here!! 

Sakura: *glare* Don't calle me that!! 

Me: *smirks* How about billboard brow? I think Ino likes that one. 

Sakura: *gets red* Shut up! 

Me: *rolls eyes* So you wanna play a game? 

Sakura: What kinda game? 

Me: It's called Epic Life. It's basically like MASH. 

Sakura: Hmmmmm..... *looks at me suspisously* 

Me: *fake smile* 

Sakura: I guess...... 

Me: Great! You know..... They say that whatever you get in this game might most likely happen... 

Sakura: *widens eyes* 

Me: Okay give me five guy names. 

Sakura: *opens mouth to say something* 

Me: *stops her* And no, you can't just say Sasuke for all five guys and then give them a number one through five. 

Sakura: *looks down disappointed* Fine. Well, Sasuke for sure. Ummmm..... Lee, Naruto, Garra, and.... Sai. #1: Sasuke #2: Naruto #3: Lee #4: Sai and #5: Garra. 

Me: Okay, so you have fuve guys and five different catagories. The five catagories are boyfriend, husband, soulmate, enemy, and best friend. You put the five numbers in a random order in each catagory. Then just give me a number and I'll start crossing out the names everytime I get to that number. Got it? 

Sakura: *nods* 

Me: *writes down*


Sakura's Epic Life

Boyfriend: 3. 1. 5. 4. 2 

Husband: 5. 2. 3. 1. 4 

Soulmate: 1. 5. 2. 4. 3 

Best Friend: 4. 3. 1. 5. 2 

Enemy: 2. 4. 1. 3. 5

Me: Now give me a number 

Sakura: Uhhhhh..... Three 

Me *turns around* Okay don't look. I'll show you it when your done. 

Sakura: Okay. 

Me: *grins evily then takes out rigged copy* I'm done Sakura!! 

Sakura: *takes paper looks at results them screams* *faints* 

Me: *laughs* 

*Naruto comes in* 

Naruto: Uhh.... Why is Sakura on the floor? 

Me: Huh? Oh, we played Epic Life and she didn't like her results. *hands Naruto the paper* 

Naruto: *eyes widen* She got Lee for everyone but enemy and got Sasuke as her enemy! 

Me: *hands Naruto Sakura's real paper* 

Naruto: *smirks* You sly dog. You rigged it. 

Me: *looks at Sakura and snickers*


This one is not my best, but oh well!! Anyways so these are just some ideas I came up with. Tell me what you think!! Thanks!!

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