Haters Gonna Hate


The first thing I hate: Smelly people!

This is the first "chapter" of my new "book" about "quotes." Fine, that's total horseshit. This is about things that I hate. I will offend people. So don't read if you're easily offended. I've no time for people bitching about how I said something that hurt them.

Okay, so here's the deal-I hate smelly people. And do you know why? Because I can't "not" smell things. If someone is annoying me, I put on headphones. If someone is visually disgusting, then I close my eyes and turn away. But if someone is rank with all the force of a rotting corpse, well... shame on you!

I was in target yesterday, and there was this woman that reeked so fiercely, that it actually triggered my fucking flight or fight response. I'm not even kidding! I actually was knocked off my feet. Her stench was so powerful, that it was like she launched some kind of a stinky force-field, or a scented kamehameha.

Now, look. I don't mean to be a dick (yeah I do) but if you can't be bothered to shower properly and exercise proper hygiene, then don't go out into public! And if someone comes up to you and tells you that you smell like a bag of shit... don't get angry at them for what YOU did.

There was a guy in my computer science club that got thrown out because his armpits smelled like the gas they use to put elephants to sleep. And this guy was all like. "What is the meaning of this! This is smell discrimination."

Are you fucking kidding me? Smell discrimination? I don't care if it is, "smell discrimination." I am sure as hell going to discriminate against you for the putrid scent of death and feces coming out of your pores.

Bottom line: Shower, use deodorant, or GTFO!

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