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Hollywood In Disguise

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The weekend passed quickly, some people had begun to receive their acceptance letters to different collages, a girl called Elizabeth who I had auditioned for the school play with had been accepted into Princeton, and another boy called Zack got into MIT!


 Tyler and I had spent every waking minute with Addie and her little babies during the weekend along with Ben.


 Monday came and after a short meeting with the headmistress about Addie I was on my way to first lesson, biology.

 I walked in quickly, taking my usual seat next to Tyler.

The usual bunch of slutty girls were all sat in the corner of the room mocking some girl called Amber who had gotten expelled. The middle two girls, the familiar Amy and her best friend Lucy, were being particular horrid, even though I knew they had all been friends a few weeks ago.

I laughed aloud at them and they glared.

 "Got a problem. Skank?" The Lucy girl called me, making me frown.

 "The only skanks in the room are you and your little friends." I said confidently.

 People were staring at me open mouthed for saying that, including the skanks themselves, apparently no one ever stood up to them.

 After a few seconds of stunned silence our teacher entered the room and began to take the register.












 "She’s in the hospital." I said quickly.

 She looked up from the register and stared at me. "Why?" she asked.

 "She gave birth." I said while shrugging my shoulders, while tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear.

"That’s so nice, girl or boy?" She asked.

I chuckled lightly. "Both."

 Her eyes winded along with everyone else's who had apparently not heard the news yet. "Wow, twins." The young teacher said shocked.

 "Nope." I said. "Triplets."

 Elizabeth turned around in her seat and said. "Really? What did she call them?"

 "Bradley, Colin and Mary." I replied.

 Hannah opened her mouth to say something but the teacher cut her off. "Okay people, you can talk about this in your own time." She said.


 With that she turned back to the register, "Hannah?"






 "Here." I said.


 I always found the lessons with Dr. Darwin fascinating. She knew so much about everything; perks of being a genius I guess. It must have been weird for her to be teaching a bunch of people a year older than her, she was only seventeen after all. Another perk of being a genius, graduating university before you turn sixteen.

 We had a nice simple lesson of dissecting sheep heart; well it was nice, until all the boys started to through the heart around; in the end Tyler and most of his friends were sent out after one hit Hannah in the face causing her to throw up.



The rest of the day passed quickly, everyone was fretting about the senior parents evening, thankfully I would not be attending. Most people had now begun to assume I was an orphan and didn't like to talk about it... I had no idea where they got that from; some people are just very imaginative.



The rest of the week was quite boring, most people were hating on Mrs Simmons for telling their parents that they talk in class.

 Nothing that interesting happened until Wednesday.





 "Casey the principle wants to see you in her office... now."

 Frowning I stood up and made my way out of English and towards the heads office.

 Knocking on the door I slowly opened the door to reveal the headmistress sat behind her desk.

 "Come in Casey." She said, gesturing to one of the chairs in front of her desk.

Sitting down I asked. "What’s all this about?"

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Indiana Evansas Casey
Chace Crawfordas Tyler
Bonnie Wrightas Addie
Talulah Rileyas Hannah
Nina Dobrevas Millie
Brittany Robertsonas Sammy
AnnaLynne McCordas Amy

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