this is purely for rant purposes and my opinion of you have a different or very similar opinion let me know by commenting on this. WARNING This has strong use of language.

Mind my language but the Zux fanfic? Are u fucking kidding me.WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!?!??!?
I mean which sick 14 year old would write that and if your 14 u shouldn't even be thinking all that. Okay you probably think about sex and hot guys an some of you 14 year olds probably have boyfriends and I am not telling you to stop living your life or anything by telling to stop thinking about topics like sex but why think about a 19 year old having sex with a 8 month baby. Seriously?!?!?!? I just think that is sick minded an awfully disgusting. You whoever wrote that should be in a mental hospital getting therapy because that so called 'fanfiction' actually it was more like a 'rapingbabiescauziamasickbitch' story seriously I felt like crying and hope that non of the boys families, lux's family, the boy and actually no one else ever sees its written by a fucking bitch attention seeking. Fucking sick minded person and babies don't explode are u fucking kidding me? Exploding babies?!?!??!? You don't know simple science. A baby just cant explode. Cone on you don't need to be a scientist to know that babies don't just explode even a 2 year old would know that it's Fucking common sense. Also technically your ovaries cant explode either. Alcock all of you people out there shipping 'Zux' stop. Just stop. Seriously she is only a 8 month old baby. I have also heard rumours about Louis and Zayn reading this so called 'fanfiction' i hope that it is not true. Also stop trending ZUX IT IS FUCKED UP. Mind my language and sorry about the rant

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